Mentally diseased ANOINTED!

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  • Finkelstein

    And who and what people set up these delusional mental problems ?

    The insane and corrupt leaders of the WTS who wanted to make its followers assume themselves something special so they would stay and support the organization or publishing house as it were.

  • caves

    Betheliesalot-I was wondering if notifing the elder opened his eyes that he would get in line for a few "free nuts" for himself.

    I was thinking the same thing.

    I think most witnesses would rather have an 'earthly hope', as being 'anointed' would mean dying. It scares them.

    It also scares the GB when people say they are. Fear of loss of power. I feel thats why the GB is super vague about it and leave an air of confusion surrounding the issue.

    So supposedly jws are taught that the top are certainly 'anointed'. Since they glorify themselves so much being 'anointed' the R&F are scared to potentially place themselves as "Christ bride" in such a high position when the GB says to be humble (obey us) and talk about the death of what would be billions.

    Another thought is what the heck are the 'anointed' supposed to do after the 1000 year reign? really? cuddle with Christ forever.... and ever and ever and ever.

    That I should have ever believed myself to be "anointed' strikes me now as the height of stupidity.

    Everything dies! Eventually. Even planets and stars.


    Also did she really tell her that Jh said that she will make it if she sticks close. What? Are 'anointed' giving channeled readings from God now? It sounds like this sick ass 'anointed' sister knows exactly what she is doing.

  • Finkelstein

    What it not be fair to say its the JWorg./ Watchtower leaders who were the ones who were mentally diseased including past and present, who were intrinsically apostate to the bible and the words of Jesus Christ with their devised preaching of a false commercialized Gospel ?

    The leaders of the WTS/JWS weren't only bad interpreters of the bible they were also apostate to the direction and guidance given by Jesus Christ and " His" Gospel.

    It really brings up the question who really are the ones that are or were mentally diseased.

  • sir82

    their mum has a new friend whose "anointed" and says Jehovah has spoken to her and she will survive

    armageddon and so will her kids if she sticks close.

    The graveyards are filled with 10's or even hundreds of thousands of JWs who were absolutely certain they would "survive Armageddon".

    There's going to hundreds of thousands, eventually millions more who will join them.

  • Finkelstein

    The identification of the anointed by the WTS/JWS was always a unscriptural farce perpetrated by themselves and anyone who would follow these men.

    This endeavor with the identification of the WTS and its leaders as being the Faithful Slave was just a self assuming calculated proclamation.

    There is no Biblical support for what these men proclaimed or made into an established doctrine.

  • Vidiot
    Finkelstein - "...There is no Biblical support for what these men proclaimed or made into an established doctrine."

    Not a whole helluva lot of logic, evidence, or common sense, either. :smirk:

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