Mentally diseased ANOINTED!

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  • Normalfulla

    My Aunt is a super uber jw, albeit a little more delusional than the standard issue Jw.

    She has 4 kids all who are out and never baptised, she's a widow now and sold the family home and has bought a new place and has plenty of cash in the bank.

    My cousins are all very concerned because their mum has a new friend whos "anointed" and says Jehovah has spoken to her and she will survive armageddon and so will her kids if she sticks close.. She has been paying out for holidays and vehicle repairs for this anointed sister and her extended family and my cousins are alarmed at whats going on and can see the situation for what it is. I told them that no serious jw would believe that, especially given Jehovah had told this sister needs to be on a diet of nuts and coconut milk?

    I offered to ring an elder in her hall to make them aware of the situation.

    So i called a long time father figure elder ive known most of my life (he came to see me on my way out to talk some sense into me but... No of course)

    I explained that Aunts kids were concerned about this anointed sister... He interrupted and said dont worry we're onto it... and i said? Dont you want to hear what their concerns are? He said ok go ahead... He could hardly give me the time of day and was short and not friendly... Nice one

    So yeah a story of a looney basically who is exploiting a gullible older lady and how dare an Apostate ring up telling the elders what to do!

    Anyone have any looney anointed experiences?

  • pale.emperor

    Oh dear, I hope they sort that shit out. JW or no JW I don’t like to see people being taken advantage of.

  • Tameria2001

    I don't know if it was looney or not, but I did have a friend who said she was of the anointed, and she was an older sister. I actually enjoyed her company because she had a wonderful sense of humor. One thing she loved to say was if we knew how close we were to Jehovah's day of judgment, we would just die from a heart attack. Don't ask me why she said it like that. This was back in the early 90's. lol

    About 3 years after she and I became friends I met her grandson. We too became friends, because we worked at the same kingdom hall projects. When I got married, he came and helped out at my wedding.

    Then one day I noticed that when I went over to her home all her pictures of her grandson was gone, and she stopped talking about him. I decided to ask her what happened to him. In my mind, he must have died or something. But no, he didn't die, but he woke up about the organization and left.

  • Finkelstein

    Actually all delusional brainwashed JWS are loony, the WTS makes them that way.

  • caves

    I thought I was of the anointed class since I was very little.

    Finally I realized that I am, in the sense that no more than any other person that dies and is rejoined with the energy of the universe like every single living thing.

    So I wouldn't call it anointed now for me. Just science of what happens at death. Your energy observably goes back out. ( Google Where does our energy go after death + science)

    But as a JW this is easily twisted in their minds that know something is up yet ,cant break the cognitive dissonance barrier.

  • dubstepped

    What's up my friend? Isn't it great how the elders "protect their flock" with such love? They don't care. As for the diet of nuts, you become what you eat, what can I say. I am sorry on a level that someone is getting taken advantage of, but that just kind of comes with the whole territory of being a JW. It's happening everywhere there. I don't miss those times.

    I never knew any anointed but wanted to chime in anyway.

  • smiddy3

    Isnt their some governmental dept. in your area where you or your cousins can alert that your elderly Aunt is being conned ? and taken advantage of ?

  • Normalfulla

    Holla Mike! Nuts is right bud, keep up yr fantastic work! , they are waiting until this anointed sister has a talking to this coming Wednesday and then they will know what if anything is being done of this. I told him(my cousin) to not be fobbed off just because hes not a witness... , demand to talk to the elders who dealt with her to discuss what they know with his concerns. so we'll see

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    So... you spoke to an elder about this crazy sister. That's like asking someone who believes in human/reptilian hybrids to correct a flat-earther's unreasonable thinking.

    I can just picture that elder later that night...

  • Normalfulla

    Omg joho you are the meme queen

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