Pet peeve #24.

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  • onintwo

    Why is it that cashiers hand you your change back with all of the loose change on top of haphazardly stacked bills?

    Man, that pisses me. Especially in the drive-thru. I remember years ago when I was trained, we always handed the change back into the open hand. (actually counting it back to the customer in those days). Then the bills. Apparently not any more.

    The other day I decided I would be pro-active about this instead of just whining about it. So at Starbucks, just as the clerk was about to make my change, I said "change first please". Just to see what would happen. I said it with a smile, too, but she still gave me one of those looks like she was really being imposed upon. So I don't think that'll work.

    Anyone else bugged by this?


  • little witch
    little witch

    I thought I was the only one to get annoyed by that manuever! Especially when many clerks will take my singles and sort them correctly while I wait for my change to be handed back atop a receipt and bills.

    I hate shopping in general. It raises my blood pressure! It seems that the stores go out of their way to make things difficult for customers.

  • darkuncle29

    I worked as a cashier for over ten years, and I understood this. I had a few regulars that were little old ladies. I'd put the coins directly into their coin purses, or write their checks for them. What was on my mind was to help them like I would want somebody to help my great grandmother or other older relatives.

    Age wasn't really what made me want to make things easier for people, but that is just an example. It was important to me to interact with the people on a simple person to person level, as opposed to a corporate entity and impersonal experience.

  • little witch
    little witch

    darkuncle, that is so sweet of you. I do occaisionally meet a good clerk who is thoughtful. Sometimes I have a conversation even!

    On the converse, many customers are domineering, bitchy, short tempered and rude. After 8 hours of bs, I can understand how many clerks become robotic.

    Good for you for being a good egg!

  • simplesally

    The reason is because they don't know how to count back change. We used the old registers to ring up sales, now they punch in the sale, punch in amount received and the register tells them how much to give back. Dumbing down.

  • freelife

    what i hate more is when they put the recipt in with the change and bills then i end up with 20 recipts in my wallet.

  • little witch
    little witch

    Yes Sally, you are right there. The change is automatically calculated...Further, I think it is the "pyramid effect". Big base (receipt and bills) then the loose change.

    Simple ergonomics should dictate the coins first, followed by bills, then the receipt. Thats how it would be if I ruled the world, LOL

  • simplesally

    I hate when they try giving you the Susan B. Anthony's or the Sacagawea coins!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • little witch
    little witch


    And let us not forget the two dollar bills! The youngsters really get confused over those!

    That reminds me another peeve. Any bill larger than a 5 gets "the mark"! God help the poor clerk who has mis-placed their counterfit detecting marker!

  • somebodylovesme

    Ah! I hate that too - because the change often slides right out of my hand. It's like they throw it at you.

    When I worked a pizza place, I always counted back the change. It's just the right way to do it, and (as this thread shows) people appreciate it.


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