Pet peeve #24.

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  • darkuncle29

    little witch:

    On the converse, many customers are domineering, bitchy, short tempered and rude. After 8 hours of bs, I can understand how many clerks become robotic.

    This is SO true. There are also good and kind people out there, but they are not as numerous.

    Looking back, I wish that I'd gotten my degree in chemistry or went to Antacrtica to do research as my personality makeup is more inline with that sort of work.

    However, my years of observing people for brief periods of time lead me to an interest in human interactions. It also lead me for a while to not like people in general. I think of my time with Fred Meyer as almost as damagin to me as my time with the JWs.

    I do not think I would make a good mental health clinician as I am too sensitive to peoples' emotions.

    As for the dumbing down of clerks, I agree. I was only there for the 90's but I saw alot of change. The employers are having a dificult time filling those jobs, yes that may sound odd. The turnover rate is phenominal. New cashiers were getting dumber and dumber. These are also the type of people who think they are smart enough to get away with stealing. It used to just slay me as to how they could think that stealing $100, $1,000, or more and think that they'd not get caught.

    I'll stop, as this is not my place to rant about FM.---wanders off talking to self

  • dustyb

    i don't mind unless they purposely throw the change and make the change fall, then i get pissed.....

  • dh
    Why is it that cashiers hand you your change back with all of the loose change on top of haphazardly stacked bills?

    because they are F*@king stupid! happens to me all of the time and i want to throw it back in ther face, here they stack it notes first, then recept, then coins, so it is almost impossible to get it into your wallet without dropping something, and the queue is always 20 people long so you have to hold them up while cursing the casheer down.

    but of course they don't speak english anyway so what's the point. lunatics.

  • orangefatcat

    It seems we all feel the same. I recently was at the grocery store all alone and I was inalot of pain, I guess one of the store personal noticed that I was having a rough go of it. Anyway she pushed my shopping card to the cashiers and then she placed all my items on the converyor belt. And when I was through paying for my things, another lady took everything out to my car and put it in the back seat for me.

    So I know that we get peeved at them for this and that , but there are still some wonderful persons working in the grocery store. You can't imagine how happy and relieved I was to have this help as it is getting more and more difficult for me to do the shopping. I am thinking of doing my grocery shopping on line. I have done this before as I sometimes was t o busy to shop and second of all I really do hate shopping.Shopping 2 It is a real pain in the you know where...

    I have always been happy with the food that has been delivered to my home and those boys in the truck are real sweet, they will even help you put your groceries away. I use Grocery and when they also come to your home you can pay cash, cheques or interact. As they carry around portable interact machines with them.

    So I will over look perhaps a tired employee, or one who may have a headache or is just having a rough day all round.

    Love Orangefatcat Orange Fat Cat 15 Animated Hearts

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