I need a strategy---Any Ideas?

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  • jgnat

    Current book: Worship the Only True God

  • little witch
    little witch


    I havent been to a meeting in many years but I could hold my own with the jw conversations....Not much has changed and what has changed, no good JW is comfortable talking about...

    Same ol' same ol"...."Hovah is supreme", " Dang Apastates", " Can't wait to pet the lions", " kid out of order!, hand me my spoon"!!

    Ahem....sorry for that outburst....LOL

  • wednesday

    LW,everyone knows that suff, the relatives are not looking for that. They are trying to trip u up on knowing what we are currently studying. I have had my relatives do it many times. Why do u think the jw sites ask all that info-like what is the song for this week? If u are not attenidng or do not have someone getting u the literature, u will not know those things. It is a dead give a way.

  • little witch
    little witch

    Yes, of course Wednesday. I failed at my attempt at levity.....

    I tend to use humor as a defense.......and failed miserably....

    (sorry codeblue for making light)...

  • bebu
    Same ol' same ol"...."Hovah is supreme", " Dang Apastates", " Can't wait to pet the lions", " kid out of order!, hand me my spoon"!!

    You succeeded well for ME, LW!! LOL!

    Wednesday: I guess I would be in deep kimchee, since my short-term memory is shot, and I wouldn't be able to remember details like those. I barely remember what I ate this morning for breakfast.

    ....HEY, short-term memory loss is a wonderful excuse for something like that, codeblue.


  • wednesday

    yes i know, i also had trouble remembering even while i was attending. But as i said,it is one of the fav things for jw relatives to do. Before we go to visit my hubby's fmaily i always find out all that stuff, b/c it is easier than explaining why we aren't attending to really old , die hard jws

    actually,LW.in brief conversations with local jws,what u said works great. (i can't always tell when people are serious on the net-can't hear the voice u know)

  • Been there
    Been there


    Why on earth was your relative so quick to JUDGE? You did'nt know which DC you were attending because you have a couple that you are interested in and haven't decided! Geesh............

    Love your answers jgnat and LW lol

  • mustang

    Do bone-up on the latest BS/study material titles. Use the short-term memory as an excuse. If you really get trapped, as a last resort, use THE GUILT TRIP:

    "Wow, you really are good at interrogations!!! Keep your voice down, or everybody will know what a jerk you are!!!" Then walk away.


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