I need a strategy---Any Ideas?

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  • jgnat

    I hear laundromats are a good source. Really! I am sure they won't miss them.

  • codeblue

    hehe...Jgnat....of course, I forgot...I use to place many there myself!!!


  • Flash

    I like jgnat suggestions to their clich├ęd remarks.
    Deflect and distract works too.

    You already know the outcome long term, but at the reunion I would play the game, acknowledge you should be doing/going/being more theocratic but you've just been sooo busy. They'll encourage you but then you'll need to gently change subject or else you'll be their ongoing focus.

    Nobody likes to be shunned and that's what the future holds so you need prepare yourself for it.

  • mustang


    You could CAREFULLY read & re-read Blondie's comments on the Watchtower lesson. You will have to carefully pull the original thoughts out of the commentary. That is laborious, but it may still be the fastest track to "keeping up with the literature".


  • DevonMcBride

    You can do what JW's do best when faced with tough questions, change the subject.


  • blondie

    Oh, oh, oooooh, oh,

    I also cultivate selective deafness.

    Them: Why do you....?

    Me. Oh, excuse me did you say something? Just a minute I have to go (let the dog out, let the dog in, check on a child, make a phone call)

    Them: Why do you....?

    Me: I'm sorry, I didn't catch all of that. (then change the subject to the weather, a good place to go shopping, etc.)


  • dustyb

    tell them that you think its BS and that you wish to no longer be part of JW's =D or else follow their advice and act sick

  • codeblue

    Mustang...great idea: reread Blondie's WT study comments!!!

    Blondie: selective deafness may be the key...after all, I will be at a home I have never been to before and yes, they have a dog!!!

    Keep the suggestions coming in...I appreciate them all.


  • Mulan

    you could say "can we all talk about something else, other than the meetings? We get that every other day, so let's catch up on family things."

  • wednesday

    There are many good selections to chose form here, but what i have found is if my relatives suspect i am not attending, they will try and "pop quiz" me. Which dc convention are u going to? Perhaps another question that forces me to reveal if i know what book we are studiyng for the book study. Or what book of the bible are we reading currently in the ministry school, or the current WT study(Read blondies comment). If u know what is currently bieng studied, and what book was released last year at the convention a, an article in a reasonably current mag, u should be able to BS your way though it.

    good luck.

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