Another sad day

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  • Yerusalyim

    This guys probation officer tried to have him put in jail for parole violation on December 30th, the judge wouldn't do it...the judge will be lambasted for this. Our justice system is WAY out of whack here in the US.

    For my train mules to rape and then let this guy be raped by mules every other day from both ends until he dies....

  • Sara Annie
    Sara Annie
    My dad is an ex-cop. He said that even if threatened with a knife or gun, tell them you are not going with them. Scream, yell, pull, what you can to get away in the first place because the 2nd crime scene usually means death. At least on the street she had a chance for someone to see her.

    Right on. My Dad always told me the same thing, with the additional adivce that if someone were to get into my car, and tell me to drive or they'd shoot me, etc. that I should start honking my horn and driving erratically and run into the first parked car/mailbox/etc where people could see it. His rationale was that while I would inflict property damage or injure myself, I would likely be killed otherwise and at least I wouldn't be raped first.

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