Is the WTs God's chosen or a phoney? PROVE IT!

by fearnotruth22 27 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • fearnotruth22

    What is the basis for disqualification?

  • jgnat

    No fruit.

  • jgnat

    Bad scholarship. Their claim that 1914 is a pivotal date based on 607 BCE being a pivotal date holds no water, as 607 BCE is not a pivotal date. They did NOT interpret bible prophecy accurately, therefore they are false prophets.

  • darkuncle29

    Prove it! I think their track record the past 120+ years is more damaging than anything that I could say. For me, that is proof enough. I do thank the WTS; without them, I would still likely be a christian in some form.

  • nobody told me
    nobody told me

    Double Standards. If I woud have had any type of membership with the U.N. for nine years I would have been D'fed or reproved . The Watchtower does it and it is just ignored, as if it's apostates lies.

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    fearno, what is that scripture that goes something like..."their lips call on my name.....but their heart is removed far away from me..." ?

    Frannie B

  • dustyb

    few things.

    #1 jesus said his yoke is easy, and his load is light

    #2 in the book of matthew it has something about bad fruits

    #3 self-proclaimin bastards

    #4 double standards

    that is a good point that if rank and files wanted to be part of the UN or, for that matter, work somewhere in the United States at a government office, the RandF would be disfellowshipped immediately, but when the GB joins the UN, its not bad....?????

  • garybuss

    It's not possible to disprove something that is not possible to prove unless of course invisible is proof, then invisible would also be disproof and it would be possible to disprove that which is possible to prove with invisible proof, except something invisible can't be proof because it can't be tested, and that which can't be tested can't be proof and it's not possible to disprove something that can't be proven.

    That clear enough?

  • fearnotruth22


    simplify what you are saying so that it can be easily understood.

  • PinTail

    Because I would asume God does not lie, and the GB does.

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