Dropped two bombs on jw mom....

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  • acsot

    I see your point, but if you're not baptized, your mom has no reason to "shun" you. Does your mom think that you have contact with other dubs who may have told you about the UN? Could you act all innocent as in "well, what's the big deal about the UN and f&&king hypocritical Witchtower society?" Oh I guess you couldn't say it that way.

    Too bad you don't know my self-righteous, blind "friend", then you could just pass the buck and say "well it was so-and-so who told me".

    Hmmm, maybe I'll do that ....

  • somebodylovesme

    Awesome letter. *applause*

    IF anyone tried to make a big deal of it... you could actually interpret your letter to make it sound like you are defending the WT's actions. Play innocent... "Well, they needed to be heard to promote religious freedom!" or something like that.

    Honestly, though, since you're not baptised or anything, I doubt anything will come it. Best of luck to you - and awesome job!!


  • wednesday

    I don't think u have a thing to worry about. Your letter just came across as checking things out to "make sure of all things" (lol) How could they fault u for that? It would offend no one. I'm a mom and if u had sent me that, i would maybe have thought"oh my naive daughter, " but i would not have thought u an apostate.


  • kgfreeperson

    That is so good it should be published somewhere--freeminds at least!

  • imallgrowedup

    Wednesday -

    i would maybe have thought"oh my naive daughter,

    Well, I guess I am naive, although (IMHO) not in this particular context! Until I read your comment, it never occurred to me that she would take it any other way but that I spoke truth and logic! Wow! I can be so full of myself sometimes! *humbly shuffling feet* Now I not only want to hear back from her just so I know she can still talk to me, but also to know if she thinks I have no idea what I am talking about! Hmmmmph! I'm glad you brought this up - it would have thrown me for a loop if she called me with this point of view, and I didn't have recovery time like I would with an e-mail. I will definitely keep my eyes open!

    Ascot -

    Could you act all innocent as in "well, what's the big deal about the UN and f&&king hypocritical Witchtower society?"

    I probably wouldn't use those exact words... (!), but I plan on playing dumb. In fact, I tried to "dumb myself down" in the e-mail. I really think it is the only way she will listen - if she does at all.

    Bebu -

    I think that it's ironic that you could hijack an urban legend which the WT is using, and use it to reveal the real scandal...

    As usual, I like the way you think! I wouldn't have thought of it this way. I hope she can see the the WT is spinning this, but after Wednesday's post, now I am not so sure. I just need to keep praying....!


    My dad sent me the same information... and he didn't copy and paste, so I got to see the pages of people it went through to get to him first, and it is certainly making the rounds.

    My e-mail of doom arrived the same way. I can not begin to tell you the self-control I had to muster up to not "accidentally" cc everyone on every single page. I didn't because I figure my mom knows most of them and would know who sent it - but that doesn't mean someone else can't - or that I couldn't send it to the people on your list.....

    Speaking of, I sometimes wonder if she lurks here. I doubt it, but if she does, I guess I am SO busted!

    CG -

    Bravo, Bravo I'm allgrowedup! You sneaky little devil, you! <watches ImAllGrowedup roll in the Trojan horse> Hehhehe.

    P.S. Don't say you hate a certain vegetable in Texas. It's against the law to "disparage vegetables." <snort>


    Trojan Horse!!!! LOL!!!! (That ain't one of yer trusty steeds, is it?!)


  • Carmel

    U B all growed up fer shur!


  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    If it were, I doubt you'd be able to fit her in *any* door... heheh. She's too fat!


  • imallgrowedup

    CG -

    LOL! Skinny horse or fat horse, even if the door is merely cracked open - I'll just be grateful for the opening!


    P.S. Still haven't heard back from her - this doesn't happen often..........

  • wednesday

    I want to make sure u understand what i was saying. She will see u did all this research, and may still feel u are navie, and such b/c u know the bible does prophecy this very thing and see it is coming true. I know that is what i'd think if i were the jw mom getting this letter.. I'd probably write u back and remind u u can't believe everything on the net and we can for sure believe everything in the bible. She may say"well maybe God is using these strange bizzare people to accomplish His will". Yes, i bet that is what she says.

    U are a peach IGH, i love your posts and u are one smart cookie

  • Yerusalyim

    Great letter, I think you were too subtle on the JW/NGO thing.

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