Dropped two bombs on jw mom....

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  • imallgrowedup

    My jw mom sent me the same press release that was circulating on the board last week regarding a radical group who was trying to get religion and national borders abolished through the UN. (See http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/14/65705/1.ashx if you didn't see the press release). Anyway, there was no commentary from her in the e-mail, which says to me that this is a "silent warning" to become a dub before I die in Armageddon. So - I sent her the following e-mail - in which I play kinda dumb, and where I also debunk the alleged resolution. But I also decided to mention the WT affiliation with the UN (which I don't think she's aware of) in it as well. I've not heard back from her yet - and now, because of all the warnings to active dubs to stay away from apostates, I'm worried - did I go too far? Please read my response to her and tell me what you think!

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    Hi Mom!

    Thanks for sending this to me! I have to tell you, when I first read it my face went white! I thought this was going to be enacted like - the day after tomorrow or something! I'm going to take a guess and say that I bet you guys were taken a little off-guard by it yourselves! But I have good news - I've done a little research, and this is not what it appears to be! Whew! :-)
    At first, I thought this was a UN press release, but then I looked a little closer and realized that this was put out by a private public relations firm, eMediaWire, whose logo is in the upper-left hand corner of the document. This is good news because it shows the UN is not behind this proposed resolution, but rather, a private organization with its own agenda. Granted, the organization itself, Formulism, (at www.formulism.org), is a little scary. I went to their website and they certainly make some radical claims in that they believe that organized religion and national boundaries are the cause of all wars, and in order to assure peace on this earth, both must be done away with. Pretty outrageous stuff. So outrageous, in fact, that I couldn't understand why the UN would even consider something this radical. Then I read this document a little closer. In the first sentence it says:

    A draft resolution which aims to secure global peace and stability at the expense of organized religion is today being submitted to the United Nations in New York.
    The key words here are "being submitted to the UN". Not "being heard by the UN", or "being debated by the UN," or even "being drafted by the UN", which is exactly what the authors of this press release would like us all to believe. However, I double-checked the UN website and found out that no one can be heard by the UN unless they are a Country or an NGO associated with the United Nations - which is the same way the Watchtower got to be heard by the UN. So, because this minority radical group is not an associated NGO and therefore, their radical ideas will never be considered before the UN unless they find a way to gain recognition as an affiliated NGO, we don't have to worry about them gaining international influence! (Whew!) And since their website was shut down a day or two ago by who-knows-who, I'm willing to bet that they stay obscure and unable to do any harm in the religious arena - at least for the time being. So this whole thing is really a case of a radical group so desperate to be recognized, that they hired a private public relations firm to tell the world that they were sending a letter to the UN demanding the end of all organized religions. Since anyone can do that, who knows, maybe tomorrow we'll hear about some farmer somewhere submitting a draft resolution to the UN demanding we eat eggplant at every meal! Yuck! At least people who don't like eggplant can be comforted knowing the UN would toss it in the trash - just as I am sure they've done with this radical draft resolution! I'm just glad that we are still free - for now!!! Love to you both! xxxxxxx
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  • Nosferatu

    Excellent letter! I love how you just passingly mentioned that the WTS was an NGO. Sounds like the dubs are really going crazy over this stupid document. You've got a great sense of humor BTW! :)

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    Perfecto, chere! I specially love the way you didn't "run it up the flagpole" about the WTS affiliation with the UN as an NGO, but merely slipped it into the email as an aside......it's sure to catch her interest....bet she checks it out!

    Good luck!

    Frannie B

  • Satanus

    Smooth, very smooth, the way you neutralised it, bleeding it of all seriousness and fear, then sent it back to her with the wt/ngo/un time bomb embedded. Wow.


  • bebu
  • bebu

    Hmmm my post didn't come out.

    I just wanted to say that it was a pretty sly letter.

    I think that it's ironic that you could hijack an urban legend which the WT is using, and use it to reveal the real scandal...


  • stillajwexelder

    very clever and subtle

  • mouthy

    You were taught well my love!!! - subtle- sneaking in the comment of the NGO.... Lets know if she responds.

  • 95stormfront
    However, I double-checked the UN website and found out that no one can be heard by the UN unless they are a Country or an NGO associated with the United Nations - which is the same way the Watchtower got to be heard by the UN.


  • Xena

    Impressive....friendly, chatty while interjecting a few interesting "tidbits"......she is probably still mulling it, hopefully this will open some doors!

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