2021-September-27-Announcement-COVID Vaccinations!

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  • Atlantis

    James Jack:


    Elders are already at the brink of stepping down from all the crap the Tower throws at them. This letter might be the factor to cause a lot of them to just throw up their hands and give the responsibilities to someone else. There is just so much an elder can take before he says:-- Enough is Enough!


  • LongHairGal


    I totally believe as you do and I made a comment about it on the thread about the GB.

    Yes, the Baby Boomers and those still around from the generation before them are in the most vulnerable category targeted by Covid. These are the most loyal of the religion’s supporters and probably contribute the most $. If they all died suddenly in the pandemic there wouldn’t just be no more $ but I believe the religion would actually collapse!

    I also believe the other reasons for the push to vaccinate are because they fear loss of control without in-person meetings. .Zoom can’t cut it forever and people can turn off their cameras and do other things or be in their pajamas. It’s also possible there is outside pressure on all organizations to get their people vaccinated..But I think the first reason is the REAL pressing one. Just my guess.

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