2021-September-27-Announcement-COVID Vaccinations!

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  • Atlantis


    Drink for you too my friend!


  • alanv

    Its easy to see why this letter has been sent. Over 20000 JWs have died from covid, and the vaccine has been shown to dramatically reduce symptoms if someone catches is.

  • keinlezard


    If Vaccine is personal matter ... how explain the GB give his own thinking about it

    And how explain they speak about JW that were against vaccin

    It's a non sens ... if it's a personnal matter ... GB has no reason to write a such letter ...

    It think , A Morris, is not alone to drink macallan Whisky :) :)

    Best Regards

    PS : Many thank Atlantis :)

  • Atlantis



    Sending you all our best!


  • WingCommander

    Lett's all address the REAL issue in the room:

    Old JW's can't donate money, if they're DEAD!!! You gotta keep them alive in order to keep bleeding them dry of their money.

    For every action that WT HQ takes, ask yourself, "How does this affect their bottom line?"

    AKA = flow of money

  • Atlantis


    Good point! Money is always a factor with the Tower!


  • BluesBrother

    I am in favour of vaccination but if I were an elder I would not like to be told what my opinion should be or what to say about a personal family decision.

  • Atlantis


    I agree! Anyone reading that letter would say to themselves: (Sure, they say we have free choice, but our free choice to decide had better agree with the Tower or else!)

    Doesn't leave much room for an elder to voice his opinion even for his own family. It has gotten to the point that if a JW voices their own opinion they could get the "boot" for causing divisions.

    The next thing you know the Tower will want all JW's to get vaccinated and click their heels with a Heil Hitler after the shot.

    Randy Watters said the same thing to me years ago, when the Tower found out that Bethelites were having their own Bible Studies. The Tower put a quick stop to that, claiming that studying the Bible without the aid of the GB could cause divisions.


  • James Jack
    James Jack

    I sent this letter to 5 former Elders and discussed it. Here in the Southern States, this isn't going to fly!

  • WTWizard

    Oh, Owe! It looks like mandatory vaccinations for all, starting with the hounders. Obviously, those on top took their fake vaccinations (saline shots) just so they could claim to be vaccinated. Try anyone else getting saline, and they will be in for "lying". Anyone refusing to get a shot at all is in for "brazen conduct" after this announcement.

    And worse, this is a sign they are preparing to open those abominations for in-person boasting sessions and field circus. And hounding calls--those who were inactive will be hunted down and indentured into going back--if they feel the cost of doing so is less than the supposed benefits. (And the angels will lead them to those that are the easiest and most risk-free to drag back in). Of course, for such ones, the vaccine is mandatory and they will even arrange for such to be dragged to Walmart to get such shots. (And those filthy bibles after.)

    For those outside the organization, it means more jokehovians at your door soon. Those who the angels deem as too risky to force back in will probably be disfellowshipped for "brazen conduct" if they do not take their torture shots.

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