I know this sounds absurd but are JWs turning Pentecostal

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  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    I know someone who is so excited to go to their regional convention. She said she was in New York in 1958 and that was a great one, but this one is going to be even greater.

    She loves the music. She is so desperate to be young and beautiful FOREVER lol that I think she would eat turd pies if they were sanctioned by the 7 Fools in New York.

    I recall not that many years ago when a letter was read. You must not hold hands with your marriage partner during prayer. It might offend someone.

    Now lets clap like we are all going on a permanent vacation to paradise and drink pina colada's. I bet none of those happy clapping Penecostal JDubs even think about who is going to be the gardner to provide all the food for the humans and animals. What? Shock! We have to WORK in Paradise??? No one ever said that!

  • Splash

    The WT and the GB are dumb. I mean sub-normal intelligence dumb.

    Anything that happens is as a consequence of GB dogma, but it's not planned or anticipated.

    There's no intention to go full evangelical but the GB stumble to problem to problem.

  • Butyoucanneverleave

    My self righteous brother once told me that I sounded like a Pentecostal because I kept talking about Jesus and not Jehovah. It made him cry. I wonder if he's crying now?!😜

  • Finkelstein

    I wouldn't go that far yet but certainly there is some modernized things you see with today's JWS,


    Such as Jazz being played at a JW welcoming party.

    Hands being clapped in unison by members at an Assembly during a song.

  • baker

    Iv seen a family that raise their hands when singing and the mother pretends to be conducting a music concert. They are so loud also, quite annoying. Shaking their heads up and down agreeing to all said on the stage. Im ready to start hearing a few amens shortly.


    I know this sounds absurd but are JWs turning Pentecostal WatchTarded?

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    Boy!..I Say Boy!

    Where Is Your WBT$ Literature Cart?

    I Swear...

    The Newly Converted, Are Getting Stranger Every Day.

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