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    Sneaky Russian -- Hello and Welcome - in the days of communism I bet the authorities would love the information that is now availablea bout the WTBTS -- Welcome again -- I am looking forward to your continued input

  • acsot

    Welcome to the board! Were you in England for work? Hope you can continue posting back in Russia. It's good to see that the "good news" about the WTS is being preached in many parts of the earth.

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  • Sneaky Russian
    Sneaky Russian

    Hello to all and thank you again.

    In Russia, many people are catching on to Watchtower tactics. Although there are still drones of people going to the Watchtower, those who live near the big cities are able to get valuable information on the witnesses through libraries and the internet. The Witnesses are excelling in the poorer places, Siberia and near the Arctic coastline where most people have permofrost of their braincells !

    In a library in St Petersburg I somehow found an old copy of Ray Franz Crises of Conscience, albeit in English.

  • badboy

    Where Zone 04?

  • Sneaky Russian
    Sneaky Russian

    That should really be zone 2. Russia is split into many time zones, because it is so big.

    Yakatsk is zone 8, and St Petersburg is zone 2. Novosibirsk is zone 5, imagine the joys of travelling across Russia.

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    And I thought Texas was big!


  • bisous

    Welcome to the board!!! Us newer folks share your feelings of gratitude to Simon (board creator) and others who have kept it going. In a very short time, the site has made such a positive impact on me and allowed me to find a community (albeit virtual...but slowly personal!)....something I'm very appreciative for.

    Keep coming, keep posting....I'm sure you'll find much of what you need as an ex-JW.

  • badboy

    How many jws in your area?

    I hear that some1 petition the bishop 2 ban chess.

  • Sneaky Russian
    Sneaky Russian

    Thank you again, everybody

    Many people are falling away from this movement in Russia, but many more are joining up. To be honest with you, not many who were Witnesses from the very beginning are witnesses now. In Russia, in my area, the congregation that I knew, I hear are having trouble with apostacy. The trouble is, the more that leave, the more people join.

    Russians should do more to promote awareness of this cult, and I am currently designing a website in Russian that will help. Many Russians cannot speak a word of English.

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