I was a good kid because I was raised by Bible Principles

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  • Nosferatu
    But what is so interesting to me is that I was raised with the exact same conditions and emotional responses as you, and I was NOT raised as or by Jehovah's Witnesses - my brothers and sister and I were raised by sometimes psychopathic alcoholic atheists.

    That's very interesing. 6x5=30 and 3x10=30. I guess different combinations can add up to the same number in real life.

  • Sargon
    Sometimes when I go visit my mother, she mentions that I was a good kid because I was raised by Bible Principles

    I feel sorry for your Mom Nos. She doesn't know the bible as much as she thinks she does. When I think about bible principles I think about scumbags like Abraham and Jacob. What principles do we learn from these noble examples:

    From Abraham we learn such endearing family values as selling your wifes virtue to save your own ass and willingness to sacrifice your son to an immoral edict from a callous diety.

    from Jacob we learn to nothing about brotherly love. Instead we learn rip off your brother when he is at his weakest and deceive your father to further rip-off your brother.

    Follow these practices and Jehovah will surely reward you just as he did these two highly principled individuals.

  • got my forty homey?
    got my forty homey?

    Whats ironic is that being raised a JW I did end up a thief, drug addict, and all general low life, this shortly after leaving Bethel!

    Also, I do not like being touched by people, I really dont like shaking hands, and I hate kissing. I dont have any friends, I do not socialize at work and I even do not speak much to my wife. I dont know if any of these are related to being raised as a JW but I am quite a wierd character.

  • concerned mama
    concerned mama

    Thanks, Joysome. I feel very strongly about this issue. My daughter is like a young somebodylovesme...a goody sweet girl, and it used to frost my socks when the JW lady I knew, or her son (my daughter's ex bf) would imply how much better behaved and morally strong JW kids are. Then, they would say that my daughter was "the nicest girl they knew". My head would spin.

    Nos, I'm sorry for all the misery you grew up with. You should be very proud of yourself and your growth.

  • Latte


    I am so sorry for what you had to go through. What being a JW means for a child is really too much! It makes me so sad to think of the JW children, such as you were?.and I was.

    There is so much that was drummed in us at meetings - that one really could of done without!

    I had always applied that saying ? as far as it depends upon you, be peaceable with all men? the result being was that I was a bit of a doormat. I see this very much with my younger sister at times, also.

    Being out suits you better!

  • blondie

    JW kid = good

    non-JW kid = bad

    Yes, I remember that equation. Add one though.

    Kid with one non-JW parent = bad

    In one congregation I was in in one year, 2 "brothers" were arrested for robbing a service station, 2 were booted for selling drugs at the KH, 1 shot during a gang dispute. Lovely, eh? All being groomed for bigger things at the KH. All had 2 parents "in the truth."


  • Badger


    I hear that...I still have a knot in my gut when I say/do/express something that my father won't approve of. He's very generous and warm with me and most uthers, until there's a disagreement or something contrary to what he feels is right. Even now, I find myself trying to dodge statements and items that others may find disqueting, or at least try to be as diplomatic as possible.

    My mom said she didn't think I was clean, sober and decent because I was a JW...she thoguht it was because I was just a good kid.

  • Carmel

    My behavior was only constrained by my physical fear of my father. When I was old enough and big enough to stand up to him, that was the end. I left home and told him I would never set foot in his house again until he learned to relate to me with out a stick or fan belt in his hand. Of course the "devil made me do it"!


  • pr_capone
    Sometimes when I go visit my mother, she mentions that I was a good kid because I was raised by Bible Principles. I never got into drugs or theft because of Bible Principles. Is this true? I doubt it.

    I got told the same thing by my mother when she was still in as well as a handfull of elders who were full of their shit.

    I told them both to go fly a kite..... in not some many words. I would be the exact same caring person that I am now had I not been raised a JW. The only differance would have been that I wouldnt now have to live with guilt and hatred of a god who doesnt exist to me anymore. I would have self esteem and I might have finished college. I might have made real friends in high school instead of wasting my time away regular pioneering and doing homeschool.

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • seeitallclearlynow

    Oh, and by the way, I'm all for Bible principles when handled in a loving, balanced, Godly way, but "Bible Principles" taught in a JW home do not necessarily keep children/young adults out of trouble, off drugs/alcohol/smoking/sex etc, as we all know of examples from our own congregations and lives. Also, a home completely devoid of any Bible principles, such as ours, can and has prevented the kids from all of the above, though why, I couldn't say - maybe it was an unintentional form of aversion therapy. But none of us smoke, use drugs, abuse alcohol at all, none are promiscuous or engage in illegal activities. We've barely even had any traffic tickets and no accidents. But I don't give my parents any credit for this outcome, as they deserve no credit.

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