JW visit...after 12 years out

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  • Nobleheart1

    Anony mous such a good description, robot sales people.

    Newlight99 thanks so much, I will bring these up. Excellent points.

    BethSarim, I wondered about it too.

    Ron I'll also bring that up.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    It's just the same old JW rhetoric and circular reasoning,

    Resulting in doubts, depression and all these things.

  • Biahi

    Ron W, my mom didn’t know that teaching about Jesus not being their mediator either, I showed it to her in her Insight book…I watched the cognitive dissonance kick in.

  • carla

    I showed my jw about Jesus not being their (rank & file) mediator from jw publications and he still didn't believe me! This was a long time ago now, I think his reasoning was that one of you darn apostates must have told me about it so therefore he wasn't going to address it in any way, shape or form! I so wish I was kidding about this but no, that is how a jw brain really works.

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