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    Scoobeydobbeydoo, where are you?

    Love ya hon. Anyways I have to say that being a JW one of course learns instantly that the name of God is Jehovah. Nothing can alter that fact that that is the name of God. I love God and life and the things he made in the earth. However when it comes to JWs I cannot accept the fact that they use the name Jehovah, because they have turned the name of God into a mockery. They have lied in the name of Jehovah, they permitt evil and unspeakable horrors in the name of Jehovah. My mind come immediatley to the situations in the country of Mexico and Malawi. How in the name of God Jehovah did they allow the brothers to die in Malawi and in the other country they use larceny in the name of God so that the witnesses would not die. What is the rationalization for this? What happened Malawi was unbelievable, all the brothers had to do is get a card, thats it. It was Ceasar's law, But no they allowed many witnesses to die. That is unspeakable. Also when it comes to medical treatment in the name of Jehovah they say blood in any form is a sin and yet today they have changed that policy or rules and so what about all the witnesses that have died because they needed transplants and the Society said in the name of Jehovah we can't allow it.

    Do you understand where I am going with this? I hope so. I am appauled at the way they throw around the name of God and yet at the same time they are insulting His name.

    So in this sense the WTBS interpetation of the Jehovah is to use his name where ever it suit them. They have insulted the name,Jehovh.

    I believe that God's name is truly Jehovah. I love God and his name is Jehovah. But certainly not the way JWs use the name.

    I have with all my heart loved God, when I went to Church, I went to honour Him, and say that just because I didn't use that name didn't mean that I would use HIs name and commit unspeakable deeds. The ten commandments tell us how we are to honour His name and not reproach it.

    Well to me the Society has done just that they have brought reproach on his name. Am I making sense here? I hope so and I hope you understand what it is I am trying to say. Maybe I have a furr ball in my throat or I am super tired t onight. I worked alot today as I thought tomorrow the Occupational therapist was coming so I wanted the apartment to be nice and neat. I am getting an electric scooter for my disability. So I just got a call from her and she says that unfortunately the technican is ill and the other lady incharge of the place where I am getting the scooter from is recupersating from an accident as she is on crutches and tomorrow it is suppose to freezing rain...and a few inches of the white stuff. So if I am not coming across clearly I apologize.

    Love Orangefatcat.Orange FatCat 15Valentine Just pure and simple yes I love Jehovah.

    Orangefatcat. xoxoxox

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