"Just When I Thought I Was Out....."

by undercover 14 Replies latest jw friends

  • Carmel

    My family kept trying to get me to "come back to the Truth" for nearly 20 years after DFING! Depends I guess on how little they respect your dignity and individual identity. Some just can't believe that you decide for yourself on the merits of evidence, rather than being "weak" or "in the clutches of satan".

    Hope you handle it well UC.


  • Sassy
    But going through the motions to me is the same as lying to yourself. I won't nor can't do it.

    I hear you on that. Originally I thought I'd at least go to the Memorial, but I don't think I can even bring myself to do that.

  • Purple

    They cant pull you back in unless you want them to. They cant make you do anything. Only you can make you do something.

  • wednesday

    Everytime i even remotely think about going back, I remember soemting someone said, the hatefulnes and contempt shown m tome and my family. The only good times i remember were when i was a teen and it was all down hill after that. I swear the thoughts(bad things that happened and were said to me) just pop into my head;must be holy spirit bringing them back to my mind.

  • blondie

    Hi undercover.

    Things will never stay the same. If your family know you aren't attending, they will be made to feel obligated to get you back in. The pressure will ebb and flow at the KH. Just don't get into a discussion about why you aren't going. Just say you love God, Jesus and them and change the subject or excuse yourself.

    Going through the motions reminds me of an illustraion (arggh!) I heard years ago. I will make a different application. Trying to go through the motions is like straddling a picket fence. When the pickets are only 2 feet high, no problem. But as the pickets get taller and taller, you are painfully forced to choose one side or the other. I feel fading is choosing one side without attacking the people on the other side. How fast those pickets grow depends on the individual.

    I was inactive years ago and went back. I was sure that individuals were wrong but didn't see how corrupt the organization was. This time I see that some individuals are sincere but the overall group is corrupt and beyond my correcting and no different than other religions.

    I just remember "pearls before swine" before trying to bring others to my point of view. I remember how I would not have listened. I had to see th bad in action for some time before I was convinced.


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