Racist Air

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  • cofty

    It is beneath my dignity to engage in any further conversation with you.

  • Tobyjones262

    Cofty because you can't. Lets see how to argue. Slavery ended 160 years ago. The cost to white America north and south were 700000 thousand lives. Most of whom did not even own slaves or came from countries that were not slave countries. There are a lot of blacks who have succeed very well by not whining and being a victim but by pulling up their pants and turning their hat around and not putting 15 gold teeth in a grill and talking in proper English.

    The cause of much of the inner city woes and poor state of Blacks and Whites are crime,many times black on black or black on white. The break down of the black family where they don't marry pop a kid and the father leaves to father more, and dependence on welfare.

    Blacks have been given billions in money and subsidized housing, welfare, health care, affirmative action and job programs. I personally have worked on some of these home programs where we went into poor black areas gave home owners who lived in what I would not put a dog into and put them up in motels tore down their homes and built them new homes. There was no charge at all. They signed an agreement they could not sell the property for 10 years. No one ever built me a god damn thing.

    Blacks need to stand up and be responsible for their own actions and choices and quit relying on the Government to bail them out every time they fuck up. I have laid out an argument but heard nothing but bull shit for a response.

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    "Blacks need to stand up and be responsible for their own actions and choices and quit relying on the Government to bail them out every time they fuck up."

    Easy to say and I actually may have said the same thing some years ago. The only little problem I see is that if a kid is born to a drug addict mom and dad is in jail, well, that kid does not have much of a choice. does he??. In fact, the odds are stacked overwhelmingly against him. He is quite an innocent victim of history.

    It should not be a black or white thing. It should be a human thing. There's something useful from the conservative argument and there is something useful from the liberal argument. However, conservatives don't get it and liberals don't get it either. The former expects everyone to perform the same because the opportunity is equal to everyone, but it is not. Liberals, on the other hand, assumed equal performance if it weren't for the oppression by one group over another, but that's is rarely a factor. The reality is that many have been dealt a great hand in life, while many others have been dealt a lousy hand. Requiring personal responsibility can be useful as long as some compassion is added. Toby, you and I were quite lucky, many others weren't.

  • Simon

    Seriously, "libtard ... libtard ... libtard ..." - you just lose the points you imagine you're making when you talk like that.

    There is plenty to criticize without having to use language that doesn't convince anyone.

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