Do you love God?

by fearnotruth22 30 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Nan

    God loves YOU.......even though you hate Him.

  • greatteacher

    God is everywhere, he's in us all, he's around us all, his very essence permeates our natural surroundings. he is all, he loves all,

    he is. when you're sad, he makes happy; when you're angry, he calms; when you need money, he provides.
    he is part of a very holy trinity with the son, and the holy ghost also called the holy spirit. he makes wars go away.

    you can live with him in heaven (his house) if you worship him. he uses satan, living in hell, to burn and torture people for eternity and beyond, but those people deserve it.

    you can hear his voice in the wind if you take the time to listen. you can feel him breathe through volcanoes, you can feel his vibrations in the thunderous appaulse of the myriads of angels.

    he sits atop a throne of gold, looking at all creation, and thinks to himself, i'll write a book and if you can understand it, i'll save you, if not i'll kill you.

    enough of this bullshit!

  • El blanko
    El blanko

    It just goes to show you how bitter the mind becomes when one removes God completely from the equation.

    So then, if God didn't kick start the universe, what did? A chaotic bang in a universal void throwing out matter, that eventually through millions of years and a process of combination and selection developed primary molecules? Molecules that transcended their very form through a chain of external events, hardening, always transcending and eventually forming a complex molecular pattern that could determine it's own existence and make incredible group decisions and have creative aspiration and inspiration..... hehe - yes, thats it, I've found the truth. Goodbye dear friends, its all clear now, goodbyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    Seriously, it was never doubted in past times that God or Gods constructed the universe we appear within. So why over the past 150 years did the doubters rise prominently to the surface and project the dominant thought?

    The contemporary man of science DOES NOT have absolute truth and CAN NOT determine & measure the essence of our own conscious existence. Take a hike and go and debate consciousness if you dare on other forums.

    You have to ask youself why the determination of our existence was simply pushed into the objective reality and steered away from the spiritual reality that drives the universe and always has done.

    Do not believe for a moment that previous generations were ignorant, cave dwelling scum without a certain refinement and understanding of their greater reality.

    Who really are the generations lacking real insight? Who are the generations pushing the earth to the point of despair?

    So much for progress and the transcendence of man beyond the glory of Almighty God.

    God extends consciousness towards us within creation and we simply throw it back with disdain within our hearts and that saddens me.

  • Stacy Smith
    Stacy Smith
    God loves YOU.......even though you hate Him.

    Sure, I always believe something loves me when it has a history of killing those it loves.

  • particlesnwaves5

    I have this vision that when I die I will go to some other realm and I will see persons there of all sorts communing with the great spirit. I even see Hitler there and other surprising figures. I look in bewilderment at the Great Spirit and the Great Spirit asks me "who are you to judge?" And then I feel a loving warmth and rush of understanding.

    When you realize that this life is not all there is and that what we suffer here is a purification for our soul in the hereafter....that there is not good and evil but construction and destruction and that you can choose which way to go and that for every construction almost always something suffers destruction

    and that destruction is really an impossibility but actually involves something changing from one form to another...

    On the other hand, time is a mental construct. There is always nothing but the present. Flowers wilt and disappear and new ones bloom in their place. Have vision to see the beauty in all things.

    The lion that lies down with the lamb is eating it.

    When you realize that we are all one and everything in the universe resides in us there is peace to be found there. Until that realization comes and lives in one's heart there is only fragmentation, disconnection, and sorrow.

  • Nan


    I understand where you're coming from. There are many things in the Bible that we just don't understand......nor can we explain. I hope you find the joy, peace and love of God someday. :o)

  • fearnotruth22

    I love life so much that I also love the lifegiver. He doesnt have to give YOU life but he has and I love him for it.

  • Blueblades

    Your statement is meant only for you.It does not prove that God exists for anyone else.The question "Do you love God"?Is an unproved premise that you are using as a starting point for your question.Kind of like circular reasoning.In order to answer the question,one must believe God exists.


  • fearnotruth22

    Blue: I agree that the idea of God is a conclusion. God cannot be measured hence God cannot br proven by the scientific method. Mimd you though that Life cannot be measured either,. nor is life physical, inanimate objects can be weighed. Living things are animate and that cannot be explained because the same creature can die and become inanimate as a lump on a log. What is the difference betewwn aliving creature and a dead one? Both physical both can be measured but the living one has something that is beyong the physical realm LIFE. Where does life come from? conlusion the Source of Life, God whoever he is. And I love him. He both gave me and YOU life.

  • yxl1

    I dont think so. I acknowledge its existance, and marvel at its works, but love? I dont think it expects anything from us.

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