How will the Watchtower Cult end?

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  • Vidiot

    @ Mephis...

    You're right, they need to reform.

    They won't, though, because at this point, if they did, they would - arguably - no longer be Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • Mephis
    You're right, they need to reform.
    They won't, though, because if they did, they'd no longer be Jehovah's Witnesses.

    The paradox they've built themselves, isn't it? They've become increasingly repressive but it's at best just leading to stagnation with a demographic time bomb building up in affluent countries. But without the repression, then it's not the same religion and the numbers will plummet just from people no longer being shut away from the outside world.

    Would rather the boom. Would rather Lett stand up in a broadcast and gurn for a bit before saying, "I am the chief chumpawolla, we're really sorry but this was a bad joke we let go on too long". But not going to happen. It'll be new light and more new light and old light as new light with a slight hint of a sepia filter etc etc etc.

  • Kick50r

    Well , +I don't think either the Watchtower will end, as others that existed before, because as long there is lack of information amongst people, religions spread if we take into account history and current statistics . The more technologically / information based a society is , the less % of persons believe in religions, basically.

    I don't think Watchtower will be able to morph into mainstream anymore as any other but instead try to more around in the world to prey on the LESS information based society's. At some point I imagine they will be a small group regarded somewhat odd and stuck in time by people around them. How they will pass from big now to small after I don't know if just falling in numbers evenly with the years or by some blow in the finances like taxing them or something else. Ofc the Corporation will too try to predict they're end as to avoid it.

    Either way I think will not end per se , but end as we now it as in relevant surely.

    Take Care

  • Fisherman

    How will the Watchtower Cult end?

    That will never happen. JW claim that they know that there is a human element which is part of the WT org. inspite of it being "God's org." JW is a community of many millions all over the world.. They are JW not because of the WT org but because they conclude that they have a relationship with God and they also conclude that God drew them to the WT and uses the WT to unite them and direct them regardless of any WT blunders.And even seeming WT blunders were something that God allowed to happen. Think of the worst possible scenario that could befall the WT org. JW would not loose their faith over it. Nothing, it is impossible for anything to change what JW believe that they know, individuals yes but not the core of the JW people. They trust in God inspite of the WT being run by people. They stand firm and they are not budging. Of course if God does not come to the rescue then it will end with all religions as mankind enters the end of religion era. But never let it cross your mind that JW will end and survived by all the other religions. That will never happen.

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