How will the Watchtower Cult end?

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  • WireRider

    How will the Watchtower Cult end? Some announcement of sorts?

    There are all kinds of conspiracy theories. Their head count and time cards are all faked by the GB, and "congregations". All the hoopla of finding tax filings and stock holdings are completely fake. They publish all those things because that's what they want you to think. It's all fake. The WT is a multi-million dollar (maybe) organization with plenty of money, and stupid volunteers to manage marketing, accounting, and any reports they want you to hear. It's a tax free org. Who's going to complain over any BS filings? The IRS? Don't think so.

    They are very aware of boards like this, and I'm sure they closely watch the effects of "leaked" information. It's what they do. Propaganda. Control it. Manage it.

    Would they be honest and wind it down? Beg for more money? Sell their headquarters? Or just close the doors? For sale signs suddenly everywhere and no one answering the phone? How does it end?

    Loosing the contained/controlled cult and publishing company is their end. People can see there is real truth in the real world. They have lost their Nazi control of lies, control, and punishments. Everyone is free.

  • All for show
    All for show
    It won't end. There will always be loons, followers, and leaders. Some people like to make rules. Some like to follow. It will become something new in the future, when most of us are six feet under.
  • steve2
    Pretty much the same way the world is expected to end: Lots of heavy-handed, well-intentioned speculations, delivered with absolute certainty and always - but always- just around the corner.
  • WireRider
    Bogles the mind. 1/3 are "IN". 2/3 want "OUT" but can't find a way. What kind of religion is that for fear of punishment? All the while the WT brags about 200% are strong members.
  • joe134cd
    The members would probably read about it in the news headlines before Wt ever printed anything, and even then it would probably be apostate driven lies or the satanic media.
  • smiddy

    They won`t " go out with a bang , but a whimper"


  • berrygerry

    The question in which they themselves do not know the answer.

    In my mind, there is no question that they are in the process.

    No corporation announces closure in advance.

    Branches down, a lot. Yearbook stats, down virtually across the board.

    Videos of newbies - dirt-poor Africans.

    Not exactly the brightest business model.

    I anticipate that 2017 will show, not just flat numbers, but genuine decline.

    Meanwhile, donations are shrinking, and shark lawyers continue to circle.

    After 2017, a death-spiral into "Bible Student" status.

  • smiddy


    We can only hope

  • kramer
    Could you give a single piece of evidence that either publisher or financial reporting us faked by the GB ?
  • Landy

    There's some wishful thinking goes on here.

    They will have to adapt over the coming years, as all publishing companies have had to.

    They will need to produce less paper as most distribution will be accomplished using electronic means. That may mean rethinking the headquarters size and staffing levels but, to paraphrase, reports of their demise are greatly exaggerated.

    They may have a temporary cash flow issue due to a high spend on new headquarters but the amount of assets they have are staggering.

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