Jehovah's Limp Witnesses Pointed Me to When I Was Willing to Talk

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  • Vidiot

    Darkknight757 - "...they tell you you're satanic or something stupid."

    I was lucky enough to realize this would happen when I started fading, and skipped the whole "confront the elders with the inconsistencies" step.

  • schnell
    the whole "confront the elders with the inconsistencies" step.

    I still get told to talk to the (high school education level) elders. The fact is that I did have a memorable talk with one of them about evolution and belief in God. Unfortunately, he undermined his understanding of evolution by talking about aliens and saying we can't conduct the experiments ourselves. And then he undermined his understanding of basic theology when he agreed that Pascal's Wager is not a good reason to serve God and that it falls right into what Satan said in Job, but then at the end he concluded against all the evidence I brought up that "At some point you have to decide that there is a God."

    Baseless. This faith is completely baseless. They talk so much about building on a rock foundation, but the cracks in their understanding run too deep. I give this elder credit for debating the topic with me for over an hour, but he shot his own case.

  • Vidiot
    schnell - "... I give this elder credit for debating the topic with me for over an hour, but he shot his own case."

    No, he didn't.

    He "gave a good witness".

  • Heaven

    the direct quote (from an elder) was: "breaks are the best part of field service".

    You know there's something wrong when...

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I think they were just following instructions as mindless drones for the printing corporation.

    I think this is a tactic that is Governing Body inspired. The GB don't want their people engaging in too much conversation with people who come to the carts unless the person shows some genuine interest in the publications and prospects of become a slave to the corporation. They are probably told just direct a person interest toward the web site to get information. This will keep their exposure to information the WT don't want JWs to hear down to a minimum.

    The new corporation motto must be: let the publications and the WT website do the talking,, which in turn will make cart service easier and not expose the mindless drones to too much cognitive dissonance and possibly leave the grip of the organization or worse infect other mindless drones and a mass exodus occur in that area.

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    "and this magazine brings you uptodate information on several important topics".

    Diversion tactics. He has let slip that knows he is promoting a magazine that is making a false claim. Hammer the point home with questions and refuse to be diverted. Target guilt. Ask how he feels spending his time on a public stand promoting something he knows is false.

  • Phizzy

    I am pleased that the org has sunk to this level, it means that beyond doubt it is moribund. They cannot rely on enough JW children to remain and loyally contribute $$$

    They need to make converts, standing by a cart and not having the skills to sell the religion will not make converts.

    GOOD !

  • nowwhat?

    This is so telling!! I was working in a neighborhood. I was by the front sidewalk and 2 brothers doing their zombie walk came by. I look right at then a d say good morning. They say hi and keep walking by. So i say " how do you know I'm not an interested one!" startled one said "um, well, are you?" as he instinctively starts to hand me a tract. (These were two guys in their thirties why they were not working I don't know) so I told them I was a brother and hollered at them for missing an opportunity to talk to some one. needless to say ITS ALL ABOUT GETTING YOUR TIME IN! Btw this is the 3rd time it's happened when I do this

  • Heaven

    My Dad was a baptized witness for 25+ years after he retired. He never once convinced anyone to join the Borg. Outside of the fact that he wasn't a trained sales person, I have to go with the next obvious point... the product just isn't desirable.

  • dozy

    The Kingdom Ministry presentations in my last few years as a JW with the "What to say about the magazines" section were so scripted it was almost embarrassing - ask a (simple ) question - pause ( and ignore ) response - this magazine answers that question.

    I also remember the scholarly type JWs in the past who could hold a decent conversation & knew their beliefs - very very few of that type left nowadays as the Society really actively discourages any kind of meaningful research.

    But in fairness - very rarely do any householders ask any questions. I remember once on the ministry with a MS in our congregation & we met a guy who had JW family & asked us a couple of quite basic questions. It was my partner's door & he was totally flummoxed so I had to step in. Afterwards he told me that he was so unused to getting any kind of response or having to do any kind of thinking at all on the ministry that it actually threw him completely.

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