Jehovah's Limp Witnesses Pointed Me to When I Was Willing to Talk

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  • stuckinarut2

    They didn't want to talk with you because of the Demon standing next to you holding your apostate hand!

  • Steel

    Something that always kind of bugged me was how little recognition the Wts received from the academic community. Every major university had a theology department in which you either study Christianity from a either religious or secular point of view.

    Once I started to do some of the research I started to realize the reason the Wts isn't even considered in the comparative religious discussion is pardon my language but a total and complete fucking joke. There isn't even a basic understanding of the relationship between the old and new testaments and what is being quoted.

    It Cant be defended because it's utter nonsense.

  • Vidiot
    Wasanelder - "I think the Gov body is discouraging conversations in an effort to keep the RF from hearing all the negative they would hear otherwise. The indefensible can decay some people's trust in the Governing Blotto."

    By their own internal mandate, they have to send the rank-and-file out preaching; it's a fundamental aspect of being a Jehovah's Witness...

    ...but these days, sending the rank-and-file out preaching (door-to-door or otherwise) can't help but increasingly expose them to articulate and well-informed "apostates" who tell them the Truth About the Truth.

    Quite the quandry, really. :smirk:

  • pale.emperor

    From personal experience i never expected a conversation with anyone on the door to door ministry. I was almost always cut of by the time i got to: "Hello there, my name is XXXXX and we're just..." that was as far as i'd usually get before being told they wernt interested in which i happily took my leave. (No effort on my part to throw in a counter phrase like the demos).

    I think this is likely common in my area so most witnesses will likely be unprepared. For my next visit im asking about 1914 and for an explanation from the bible alone. I know for a fact only 0.01% of them can explain it off the top of their heads.

  • jookbeard

    they did the same to me some time back, I told them their website mentions nothing about their UN membership hence the discussion

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    The reality is that the overwhelming number of JWs HATE the "ministry". I was just with some JW "friends" socially when they were talking about a local break spot and the direct quote (from an elder) was: "breaks are the best part of field service". While he said it as a joke, I can bet that most JWs feel the same way.

    I never liked it but thought there was something wrong with me. I was out every week but once an elder, I devised a system. We lived in a rural area, so I would get a territory at least 15 minutes away, spend about half hour or 45 minutes driving from door to door, then take a break and make RVs for the rest of the morning. If it was raining, then 100% RVs.

    If the WTS were to make an announcement that JWs didn't have to report their time anymore, how many JWs would still go out in service? How many would put in pioneer hours?

    I think the community apathy and apathy among JWs as a whole has really diminished any zeal towards the ministry. Now, people simply go out to "get their time in".

  • Vidiot

    Bizarrely, the thread title makes me think of a JW rap-rock wannabe group...

    ..."Limp Wittniz".

  • stuckinarut2

    Haha Vidiot!! Love it!

    Well, they "did it all for the Hours, the hours"!

    And they do have a song "My Generation"....

  • sir82

    It Cant be defended because it's utter nonsense.

    That's what happens when your leaders have, at best, a high school education and virtually no experience at living outside of an institution.

  • Darkknight757

    This "staring into the distance, glazed over look", is it taught in their school? All my personal experiences engaging Witnesses is that they all do the same thing when faced with undeniable fact. It must be a condition of Cognitive Dissonance. Their brain cannot compute so it shuts down as a means to protect itself.

    Honestly it seems a waste of time to discuss anything with these people. They just don't know how to listen and think for themselves. The GB has done a number on the Witnesses that's for sure.

    I talk to elders and show them stuff and they all do the same thing. They cannot address a single question. They just sit there, eyes glazed over like a jelly donut unable to do anything. Then they tell you you're satanic or something stupid.

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