Brooklyn Bethel Tours Through The Roof

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  • xjwsrock
    whats the point AM3??

    Disney costs thousands to go to for a family. So he was targeting families with expendable income. He wants a 500.00 donation to take a pic with a cardboard Caleb cut-out.

  • notjustyet

    I heard they are implementing a "fast track" system like Disney does. Just kidding,..


  • WTWizard

    Part of the stagnation program. Use guilt to deprive children of real fun (and ice cream cones, once that is all that's left). Those tours are miserable for adults, but children are going to be grumpy if that's all they get for vacation. They might as well be back in school.

    They are better off with real fun. A trip to a suburban shopping district would be more entertaining. And, though I do not endorse Walmart because they force manufacturers to make cheap crap so no one can compete with them on quality, even a trip to one of those stores would be far more entertaining for children than going to headquarters of the jokehovians. At least in Walmart, you get to see the toy aisle and check out real music, albeit censored versions. And double so if you do so during Christmas season, since they can check out the Christmas decorations.

    Another alternative to these tours is a simple drive in a nearby city or town during Christmas time. Find a major street, look for a side street that looks well lit, and drive down that street for the Christmas lights. Looking at the Christmas lights would be far more entertaining than going down those corridors and having nothing worth seeing.

  • SnakesInTheTower

    The bethel tours used to be pretty good, esp. if you knew someone. I ran a bus tour in 91 and patterson was under construction. We had fun, but I allowed my tour group to have fun, go out and do non WT tours on their own, real free time, kept the bus/hotel inexpensive. But I knew brothers that ran "professional" tours (Gary Potter in Illinois anyone?), that were all WT and very regimented.

    I have heard the Walkill tour sucks now, not much "Farming" going on at the Wstchtower "Farm" anymore. Sad.


  • JWdaughter
    Here is some great news! Warwick is in the middle of the most gorgeous part of upstate NY. If you go in late summer or early fall you can catch the best renaissance faire in the country just down the road. I went 30 years ago and it is literally minutes down the road and a lot more fun than bethel. Nicer driving than the City, too. It's muggy upstate, but no concrete to hold in heat and huge buildings to keep air from moving. I love tuxedo park. If I had more money than God I might move there, too.
  • InquiryMan

    I visited many branch offices as well as the HQs while a witness. Was always interesting.

    USA, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Greece, Barbados, Austria and Kenya.

  • A.proclaimer

    I went on the tour in Brooklyn last year and this summer. There's nothing much to it anymore. You go on a couple of floors, walk through some hallways. The tour guide only takes you to different display boards along the hallways that talk about the organization like construction, different departments, GB helpers and things like that. It's not how it use to be where they showed you different rooms and factory machines. The only room you actually get to see is where they get tools and writing utensils. I did see Losch passing by one time.

    The only entertaining part in Brooklyn is the Bible and JW history exhibit. No need to wait in line for that.

  • fukitol
    The blind idolatry of the Watchtower Society reaches new levels.
  • Awake at last
    Awake at last

    I was in the US in 1995 from Australia and toured Brooklyn Bethel. I was at 25 Columbia Hts building and saw I think Bro Henshell (bald guy). Anyway it was made clear to me not to speak to him. Why, is he God or something? I went there to kick start my spirituality which had been lagging for as few years, but that and a few other observations kick started my fade instead.

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