Brooklyn Bethel Tours Through The Roof

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  • brandnew
    Its a tour ......and the main attraction are the donation boxes. Thats [email protected]&$#d up......people are told not to go on vacation, so they can go to a contribution parade.
  • Virgochik
    Maybe they're lukewarm about visiting the holy lands because they're basically lukewarm about Jesus. Besides, if they weren't herding sheeples thru the paper dust and grime, they couldn't leave them waiting by design at the contribution box area.
  • BluesBrother

    Back in the 70's with an International Convention I went to NY and did a Bethel tour. For a believing dub then, it was great !

    Massive printing presses, chopping and binding areas, laundry and kitchens ,dispatch bays, the whole works . They pointed out, in reverential tones, the very spot where CTR made his announcement in 1914 "The Gentile Times have ended......." We even got food in the dining hall .

    Trouble is that most of that has gone out of Brooklyn now, it is all upstate - not much to see , I guess.

  • Quarterback

    At least I can wear my shorts at Disney Land. I recently did do a Bethel tour and I would recommend it. It's not going to blow your mind, and no, the contribution boxes are not overly displayed. The talk is about the budget and the Lay-offs and I found the Tour guides free to express themselves. about the uncertainty. The Guides we had were Bethelites and they were awesome.

  • Warwickslave


    Dont forget that they tell you not to take pictures or say hi to any GB members. Also if you see someone who came out in a magazine don't try to get his autograph.

    The tour is done by commuters unless you know someone. If you don't know anyone the tour sucks!!!!!! If you do the tour still sucks but at least you get to talk to someone who actually works there.

    the commuter regular pioneers get hours to do the tours. Instead of knocking doors you go two to three times a week and give tours and you get 40hrs.

  • Quarterback
    That's great Warwick. Finally they give those Regular Pioneers a break from knocking on those doors that get no answers. I'm sure the pioneers are happy about that.
  • Warwickslave
    @quarterback, yes they rather do tours then knock at doors in NYC. I would think is tough territory. They have commuters in all bethels
  • flipper
    This is so cool. Let's ratchet up the old " fear & guilt " in the rank & file ( Thanks Tony Morris III ) and chastise them for going to Disneyland ! Pretty good. Then they'll get to visit an " empty Bethel " accompanied by a struggling regular pioneer trying to get his time in. I swear to God you cannot make this stuff up- WT leaders are SO weird. THEY are the ones who will cause this organization to collapse all on their own by their idiot actions. They don't even NEED our help as EX-JW's ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper
  • whathappened

    They must be thrilled. When we went about 7 years ago, we literally emptied out our wallets into the contribution box. They are loving the donations, I bet.
  • freemindfade
    One of the big draws was always getting to have lunch (despite the food being not so great, and JW's always come back raving about how great it was, never understood that). Even these recent visitors were impressed by the order and control during lunch. Well one of the big deals is going away with the downsize. One more significant thing that will be lacking from tours. So why guilt and drive a bunch of witness to come to bethel to read a placard and maybe see some people in cubicles, whats the point AM3??

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