Brooklyn Bethel Tours Through The Roof

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  • freemindfade

    Was speaking with someone last night who just recently toured the US Bethel's. The Brooklyn tour I heard was awful, very limited and disappointing and conducted by a local pioneer and not even a bethelite. Why? Well from what they are telling the folks on the tour since the TM3 bit encouraging (guilting) people about going to disneyland on vacation when you haven't visited bethel, monthly tours went from 6000 to 16000!

    Also people are very nervous about the layoffs, and everyone is asking if anyone knows anything else about it. Interesting stuff. So the layoffs are being widely discussed inside and outside of bethel walls.

  • steve2

    The JW pilgramage to Brooklyn Bethel grows by - shock horror - 10,000! I estimate that is an infinitesimal fraction of a percentage of all the JWs and hangers-on in the USA alone.

    I should imagine that if JWs can afford travel and accommodation to go to the Big Apple, Bethel will be only one of many sights to see - and I can "feel" the disappointment already in what is on "display" within the secretive halls of Bethel!

  • freemindfade
    It also seems clear to some that are full in that money issues are evident. Without getting into specifics to protect the "in"-nocent
  • WasOnceBlind
    Only a matter of time until they open "Calebs Kindom Park" complete with 10 dollar refreshments.
  • freemindfade

    Sophia's delicious unrealized ice cream stand

  • brandnew
    Ive never been there.....but im there any donation boxes along the tour?
  • 4thgen
    Brandnew - Lots of donations boxes in the lobby's where you have to wait to join your tour. And of course, there are donation boxes by the literature counter. Wonder if they have ATM's. though....
  • Gayle
    Are there any mini tours upstate at this time? Some curious to do a little drive north to Warwick, etc. too while they're in the state?
  • sir82

    I went on a Brooklyn Bethel tour last month.

    Here is what happens:

    1) Wait in overcrowded lobby for hours until there is a free tour guide.

    2) Tour guide walks up a windowless hallway, points to a cheesy display glued to a wall. Reads the words on the display.

    3) Tour guide walks down another windowless hallway to another display. Reads the words on the display.

    Repeat steps 2 and 3 several times.

    The end.

    Highlights of the tour:

    1) Passing through a hallway which had actual windows.

    2) Visiting an office supply storeroom.

    It was worse than it sounds.

  • Clambake

    I have often thought it was odd that the average JW wants to see Bethel Brooklynn more than Israel. There literally doesn’t seem to see any interest in the Holy Land in JW land.

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