Heartbroken that my parents are so blind...

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  • HiddenPimo

    So I sent a letter outlining the scriptures that support shunning versus the 3 times as many that support not shunning. This is the below response that I received. I will be announced tomorrow night and wanted them to know since that is the fair and adult thing to do. I hate they are hurting but not for one minute will I apologize or do I regret my decision.

  • nowwhat?

    That's terrible! But personally I can't understand why people just don't fade off into the sunset. That's what I'm doing

  • Spiral

    Hidden, I so respect your decision. This is a sad turn of events (although not unpredictable) but you are doing what feels honest for yourself. Your parents are the ones losing out, if they can't think for themselves about what is best for their family. I can't imagine parents acting like this.

  • LV101

    It's all fake to begin with and not an easy cult to deal with but worth it if there's a financial gain at the end of the game just to mess with the evil, bad, magic, parasitic, wanna-b-religion, and have a little fun with them. However, it's hard to go with the flow -- I understand how draining and time consuming (time is money and every second of your life can't waste) so whatever works best for you.

    Living well is the best revenge -- Spanish proverb.

  • Solzhenitsyn

    My wife and I faded off into the sunset with the upmost precision yet our 4 parents shun us and their multiple grandchildren with the upmost prejudice.

    The sadness ran high in my home until the realization set in that if the tables were turned, we would do the exact same thing to them. I know though it doesn't take away the frustration and desire for things to be different.

    Our parents brains are just as programmed by an ever-changing 135 year old Pennsylvania corporation as ours were.

    Sorry that you are dealing with this Jared but your worst day outside the JW cult is better than the best day you ever had in it.

  • Diogenesister

    The sad fact is a lot of families will shun whatever you do. You are not attending meetings? You are not faithful and that is that. Some families just can’t be fooled. Ironically the closer you are the more likely they will know the deal and will shun you.

    This last convention absolutely sickened me. I mean the absolute blatant worship of the governing body. “ Not shunning is disrespecting the elders”. Not Jehovah - but the ELDERS!, They were the speakers exact words, over and over again it’s all about the organisation and following orders.

    Trully, I pity your folks (un) HiddenPimo

  • Sigfrid Mallozzi
    Sigfrid Mallozzi

    HP, I understand your frustration. I've not been DF'd or DA'ed. However, I left my family (Mom and Dad) years ago because they supported a sibling who was on a character assassination move towards my family. I was going to the meetings, field service, volunteering at construction sites, and pre-convention work, and the family was already shunning me. Once I was away from friends and family influences and had some time to think I figured out the Truth about the Truth and stopped immediately.

    The rift within the family still cuts deeply and I feel a loss for at least an occasional phone call relationship with my Mother. However, If Mom were to call up today to say hi, what would we talk about? Let's get real. I work in big time heavy construction projects which she is probably not interested. I haven't been to a meeting or assembly of any kind in over a decade. We used to talk about the "truth" for hours, deconstructing and reconstructing ideas. Mom wouldn't be happy with me talking about why I am not attending meetings or not actively pursuing spiritual goals. I guess I could talk about the overlapping generation doctrine, but I don't think that would that would go far.

    Although painful, I have to recognize that I have taken an alternative "other road" and yes! it has consequences. You take the blue or the red pill and recognize the consequences.

    I don't know why this topic has pained me lately so, but it has. I wish the best for you, it is so hard with beloved parents, but we have chosen different paths an we have to Man up about it. Slab some bacon on a biscuit and lets ride!

  • dubstepped

    Sorry Jared, comes with the territory. You know it's going to happen but it's still tough to see how blind they are once you've woken up. You were likely there once yourself though.

    Loyalty has really been harped on lately. It's a great way to control people. That message they sent you was pretty short and non-personal. That's how they often are though. Their love is very conditional.

    My wife never heard one word from her family. Not one word from any of them. They immediately cut her off simply for going to see my disfellowshipped brother with me once. Done. Never another word. We disassociated later, but it changed nothing for her on that level.

  • lriddle80

    The same thing is happening to me. My family is in full shun mode and I will probably be disfellowshipped by Wed. My judicial meeting was set for tonight, but I told the elders that came to my house unannounced last night that I will not be attending it. My "crimes" are celebrating Christmas and going to a different church. The elders reminded me of the gestapo in how they acted. Just following orders, unable to speak freely. I came very close to calling them puppets, but I am glad I didn't. I can't really wrap my brain all the way around the fact that I was brought up in a cult. But, I do have other family and I have a great husband and son and I have people that love me and a great counselor that I see sometimes. Grieve the loss, but move on with your spiritual development. I really love The Bible Project videos and podcasts. CS Lewis writes some thoughtful books, Michael Heiser has some fascinating perspectives and I read a really old book called My Own God by GD Watson that made my heart soar. Wish you the best! Life sucks sometimes, but God is with you if you look for him!

  • ToesUp

    The next Regional convention will be titled..."Love never fails, until you decide to leave."

    These stories are heart breaking. It amazes me how many people are leaving the cult. WT is really stressing the shunning. Worried much WT? Gotta shut up the "apostates", they are waking people up. Keep up the good work!

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