"Jehovah will satisfy all our desires in the new system!" Are you sure about that?

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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    Amelia Ashton4 hours ago

    I had a jag in this system.

    Don't wait. If you want one get one. I loved mine.

    yep--i remember it--you gave me a lift more than once.

  • Vidiot

    I remember first hearing that in my twenties, and immediately wondering...

    ..."well, what if my desires involve rock concerts, sci-fi movies, and freaky sex?"

  • LongHairGal


    I don’t want to rain on any JWs’ parade, but I never believed any of that stuff. The ‘paradise earth’ thing I didn’t swallow either.

    I never believed that perfect justice would be accomplished either. I never believed God was going to pay back every wrong thing ever done to anybody. If somebody stepped on my foot, would He step on theirs and so on...It’s too ridiculous to contemplate, really.

    One poster was joking when he said maybe Jehovah would give lobotomies so people would forget. To me, this is more realistic than the other.

    In my opinion, all these promises about paradise were to keep the masses quiet and give them a false hope in order to carry on like the poor souls they are.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    This idea gets to the heart of the matter. Jehovah's Witnesses lure new members (or used to -- it doesn't work very well any more) by telling them this very thing: Don't worry Jehovah will satisfy all your desires in the new system.

    How comforting to imagine that one day everything will be PERFECT. What a dream this is? It's like imagining you will win the national lottery along with all your JW friends and you keep in with them massaging their faith with JW thoughts which in turn supports your belief, your religion , your culture.

    But it's just a dream isn't it? Where oh where is there a scrap of evidence that this will happen? The Bible? well frankly it doesn't say God will satisfy everyone or anyone. The Bible is the product of the same racket that religion is. It is cult literature brought together to get people to conform to authority--it, Bible religion, is a political straight jacket.

    Religious faith is only a sticking plaster. It is secular society and it is education which has made all the progress in this life, not religious belief.

    By contrast to religious thought, humanity has come a long way. We are working hard on our many social problems, malnutrition is now rare when compared to the past, even wars are actually rare events for most of the worlds population. We are making fantastic inroads against disease and have conquered much of infectious disease which plagued mankind in the past. Outstandingly we now have technology based on scientific principles which allow us to enjoy a much longer and happier and pain free life than even our great grand grandparents had. Nevertheless we will not create paradise only make a lot of progress.

    If you are not a JW you probably will have enough food, a roof over your head and nowadays it is likely but by no means guaranteed that you will also live to a ripe old age if you eat and drink in moderation and have friends. (And our hearts go out to those who have not had this experience for various reasons). All of that is if you live in the Western World.

    Sadly the progress has not been evenly spread over the planet and many of the poorest in Asia and Africa still invoke a deity to direct their lives and put religious imperatives above the value of the life they know.

    And so for all of the spectacular progress, the world is still suffering. Here is the point; what other life could there be? For those in dire straights and little knowledge of how the world works, the hope of paradise-- a trouble free life with little effort involved-- looks like what they have always been seeking, indeed what anyone might want.

    However, this dream is the opiate which the Watchtower has been peddling for nearly 140 years and like all drugs the existential pain of mental illness, alcoholism, poverty, ill health and depression is merely postponed -- but never actually dealt with.

    The JW believer relies purely on the adrenaline of hope, the delusion buttressed by like minds in its own community, and not one of them will ever see any paradise other than the hope and pleasure of dreaming it.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    No modern teen will want to live without the internet and so nothing, not even promises of tame pandas can substitute or counteract the prospect of eternal life without social media and games. The GB are not so stupid they can offer a promise of modern tecnology and living life like the Amish has no appeal whatsoever to anyone I know.

  • Onager

    I don't know, the Amish life appeals to me. Only problem is I bloody HATE pandas!!!!

  • nowwhat?

    You guys kinda missed my point . how could a resurrected person who died before Armageddon be happy if their family isn't there.

  • tiki

    Thank you, halfbanana. You hit the nail on the head.

    Nowwhat...does everyone's happiness necessarily depend on family interaction or cohabitation? Some perhaps...others find greater satisfaction in other pursuits and/or companions....

  • RubaDub

    how could a resurrected person who died before Armageddon be happy if their family isn't there

    nowwhat? ...

    Ha ha ha. Are you insinuating that I would be upset without my mother-in-law around? Ha ha ha.

    Oopppss ... I just pissed myself laughing.

    Rub a Dub

  • StephaneLaliberte

    I remember, at a point in my life, I was the only one steadfast to the truth while everyone else were inactive or disfellowshiped. I found some comfort in the thought that God would reprogram me in a way that I would not suffer from loosing everyone I loved.

    So much for free will right?

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