4 j dubs at jdubs at the door

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  • Giordano

    Junk Yard Dog is well within his rights to drop a load on any visiting JW's, Mormons etc. He didn't invite them....he didn't ask them for their address so he can visit them with his message.

    The JW's of today have more in common with the girl scouts trying to sell Girl Scout cookies then they have to do with Jesus's ministry.

    When they come to my house I ask if they are policing their Kingdom Hall .........running off Child molesters and if they report them to the police.

    Of course not...... if their congregation is safe...... what need for the greater community?

    They are becoming a joke in my small city.

    So yes after demanding that people make reckless health decisions (ban on Blood), call for the two witness rule when it comes to child sexual abuse ........ and their morbid preoccupation of walking in step even if they are expected to walk off a cliff. What is there to say.

    When they come to my door ...not so much any more and good riddance.....I asked them how many have picked my home to live in when I am a sack of bones dead in my home. How about a tour of my home so you'll be familiar when you move in......no takers.

    Never a murmur.......these are people who don't understand the ramifications of their beliefs.

  • JunkYardDog

    .I asked them how many have picked my home to live in when I am a sack of bones dead in my home. How about a tour of my home so you'll be familiar when you move in......no takers. Giordano thats pretty much what i told the head jw in the group he was looking across the street at the finest house on the block. since he didn't want to talk, I asked him is that the house you want after armageddon? big yard, all stone, 4 car garage, Benz beautiful right? I'm sure jehovah will give it to you... then I laughed and called him a Goat and a spritual Drunkard, I told him and his sidekicks they didn't have the nerve to open their bibles and even try to defend 1914 or how3 jehover choose the wts in 1919 to be the only truth.. you men leave all the dirty work to the sisters to knock on doors. then I told the sisters "you ladies follow this idiot wt zombie, I ask a few simply bible questions, and all your leader can do is stare into space? the whole herd of you GOATS made Jesus proud today. now call the police if you like remember this is my house, I'll be here when they come. I'm going back to sleep.

  • JunkYardDog

    John Free; i did not start angry and didn't really finish angry. I just made them LIE over and over again. And I called them out for every lie and pissed them off. I could see in their faces ,they knew they were lying and I made them understand in their minds they were bullshit artists... they couldn't get over on me, and I kept Pressing " why are you LYING to me? when I know more about the wts than any j dub I ever spoke with, it's easy work. I make them lie when I'm setting them up. then drop the bomb. I spoke to jw elder who asked me about the wt and the U.N. we talked for an hour. it's funny the 4 sisters who came to my door. One of the first things I asked was about was some 25 yr old sister that DIED IN child birth for no blood . the baby has no mother, MOM on one of the most IMPORTANT days of her life drops DEAD NEVER TO HOLD HER CHILD. THAT IS some sick shit, jesus said he wanted mercy. i straight asked these sisters would like to see one of their daughters drop dead from too much bleeding. After they all bought the baby clothes and a stroller and a big party for the dead MOTHER. they all looked at the dirt not one of them had nothing to say... so yes after this kind of expose of wt teachings I cursed the living shit out of them.

  • WingCommander
    Username checks out.
  • JunkYardDog

    Username checks out. wingcomMANDER WHAT YOU TRYING TO SAY SPIT IT OUT SPEAK YOUR MIND! you don't like how i kick jw's asses to bad i kiss no ass ive been on this site since 2002 .YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY? I'LL TAKE WHAT EVER YOU HAVE AND IF YOU ACT THE DOPE WE WILL SEE...

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    JYD--stop shouting--we arent deaf.

  • JunkYardDog
    wing commander take YOUR FINGER OUT YOUR ASS
  • JunkYardDog


  • atomant

    junkyarddog lm going to have to have a chat to galactic command about your attitude see.

  • LongHairGal


    Different people will judge you differently for what you did...If I ever had the opportunity to be faced with JWs at my door, I’d tell them off too.

    I’m sure many a householder can make visiting JWs look very stupid! We know that they are stupid and just counting time.

    I’d start out nice though because I was once the fool standing at some annoyed person’s door. The thing is: it would probably be a younger idiot who wasn’t there thirty years ago when I was criticized for having a full time job. So, the person might not be able to relate.

    But, I’d tell them I know about all the changes in the religion and I’m not interested. I’d ask them to put me on their Do Not Call list.

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