I think I was off the day they taught ...

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  • Simon
    I grew up in a house where some plumber switched the hot and cold feed lines

    I grew up on a farm with no heating but a coal fire. Both taps were cold (unless it was really cold in which case there was no water).

    I thought of another one - if you are putting air in your tires, the pressure is printed on the drivers-side door pillar.

  • LisaRose
    My head is still filled with a lot of useless facts, but I can't remember if I took my medication five minutes ago. I once won a Trival pursuit game because I knew who won the democratic primary in 1968 in New Hampshire. While that was fun, when am I ever going to need that information again? I would be glad to trade all that trivia knowledge for my short term memory.
  • stuckinarut2

    Hey Simon, haven't you been using the society approved calendar issued around the turn of the last century?

    The names of the months were different so that we didn't use pagan origin names....

    Has anyone got a copy of that?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    but then why isn't it Wodensday?

    Modern English 'Wednesday' coms from Old English (Anglo-Saxon) 'Wodnesdaeg', as you said, from the Germanic god 'Woden'. For the written word, the long oh sound as become modern the 'eh' sound. It's possible that different pronunciations of this day's name have been present throughout the history of the English language and somehow Wednesday gained popularity or perhaps prestige. From what I've read, in Middle English there was great variety in spelling and probably, in pronunciation. If you investigate all other Germanic languages, you'll see that either they have their own version of 'Woden/Odin' + day or they have something corresponding to 'midweek(day)':

    Woensdag (Dutch/Afrikaans)

    Onsdag (continental Scandinavian languages)

    Woansdei (West Frisian)

    Mittwoch (German)

    Midhviksdagur (Icelandic)

  • Petraglyph
  • Oubliette

    I can do stoichiometric calculations and identify the spectator ions in a net ionic equation or analyze the harmony of a Bach four part chorale, but I can never remember which side of the plate the knives and forks are supposed to go on.

  • Simon
    The names of the months were different so that we didn't use pagan origin names

    Wasn't it days of the week? And two of them sounded so alike it was impractical (beyond the stupidity of imagining you could replace the calendar everyone knows and uses)

  • Diogenesister
    right next to the fuel symbol is a little arrow which will point either to the left or right where the filler cap is. Brilliant!

    Is that every car Simon?Yup, new one on me! And I'm only in my 3 rd decade of driving age!! The - ember mneumonic is daft for the reasons you pointed out too!

    Blondie Wow - great post! Fevier is february in french too,?to do with Feverel?

    Ucantnome & Millie Right and left is my problem too! For years I had to visualize my pianist at ballet lesson's as a child who was on our left.

    Then, in my 40's, someone says "Anna right is the hand you write with. DOH!!!!

  • Diogenesister
    I thought of another one - if you are putting air in your tires, the pressure is printed on the drivers-side door pillar.

    Aha I knew that one - but no idea of the petrol one !!

    Lisarose Short term memory halleleujah to that!!What was I just saying?

  • sparrowdown

    The whole time I was "in the jw compound" was like I was "sick that decade" re world events and current affairs (which interest me a lot BTW.)

    I have a theory that whilst being a dub we severely underutilize our brains memory and learning capacity. It makes me think of an electronic device that is always charged when the battery power is at a certain point and after a while the device will stop working at that point even when there is still power left on the battery. Because it has been trained to stop working at a certain point never allowed to "max out" as it were so it's capacity becomes restricted.

    Anyway, probly makes no sense but my excuse is, I get my left and right confused also, maybe it's a female brain thing 😮

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