Attempted Rape and Screaming

by minimus 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • flower

    I was in this situation then, when i was a jw, and a wimpy person who had no self esteem or self worth and felt like I deserved ever bit of abuse I got. If it were to happen again, with me being who I am today, I am quite certain that i would have no problem ripping off the genitals and/or removing eyeballs from the sockets of any man who tried to force himself on me now (unless the pussy had a gun).

    I mean really, why would a woman who has been taught her whole life "from infancy" that she is the lowest of the human race and that she should "be submissive" suddenly become this strong powerful woman who screams and fights when she is being attacked?

    Do they even think about their rules before they put them out there?

  • minimus

    Flower-----That's a good point! Women are told "from infancy" that they are weaker and to be submissive to men. That is "conditioning". Yet, they expect a terrorized female JW to just forget about everything they've been taught and fight tooth and nail---even to death---- against the rapist.

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