has any one had this feeling

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  • punkofnice

    Back in the 1980's we were had all just arrived at Sheffield or Twickenham or somewhere equally forgettable.

    My Dad (RIP), who was an Elder and PO was watching the jobos getting off a nearby coach.

    He remarked how they all looked 'mental' like there was something wrong with them all.

    He said the feeling was very unnerving and he felt bad for having that feeling.

    ..........I wonder what he would say about the jobos today??

    I recall studying the watchtowers for info about Jesus and his posse. All I found was adverts for door knocking, nothing of substance. I had the awful feeling that the WBT$ was a spiritual wasteland and was sucking the life out of me. Within a couple of years I was DA.

  • Akid48


    oh my god you t the spot that's what I was thinking there was something wrong with the people or what your dad(rip in sorry :( ) said mental

  • punkofnice

    Akid - Dad has been in the Marines during WW2. He hadn't always been a jobo. He still had a bit of fight in him back in the day.

    Looking back at the people I've know over the years as a jobo, most of them were a bit didlow in some departments. Some very nice people but also some absolute head cases too.

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