Should Obama and coalition troops push ISSI'S out of Iraq??

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    There is no way out. We are having weekly terror attacks. You cant just keep carpet bombing as little ground has been won against ISSI'S in one year. They are making millions from oil and farming. They are getting organised and rich while we cope with thousands of refugees...some of whom could be ISSI members. Syria is a huge civil war mess but should the world send troops at least to push them out of Iraq?? Destroy their ideals?
  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    I thought that's what he's been trying to do since military operations began last year.

  • prologos
    Push them where? out of Iraq? The Turks have been ordered out of there, doing that, Issi"s young advenurers are not push-overs like the Germans or Japanese.
  • blondie
    Coming from a military family, the issue is keeping them out after you push them out. It takes a great deal of manpower, equipment, etc. on a permanent basis. And ISIS is not just in Iraq. That's part of the problem, they don't have a country, a capital, physical national identity.
  • transhuman68

    LOL. Syria is a media black hole- it's impossible to know what is really happening there, and we are just being fed propaganda. But as I see it, the West needs ISIL - they are the only ones who can stop an alliance of Assad, Hezbollah,Iran & Russia from controlling a huge portion of the Middle East; and controlling oil production, and so prices. Ask yourself, who does ISIL sell it's oil to? It's going to our ally and NATO partner Turkey, who are allowing arms to be shipped to ISIL in return. It's a fake war- put on by Western politicians to increase their own popularity. In a year or two ISIL will change their name like the PLO did, and we will all love them. This war is a scam and will make the West look very foolish, especially as all this chaos was started by George W's ill-advised invasion of Iraq in 2003. ISIL in Iraq are the Sunni ex-Ba'ath party army, who were dismissed without pay by Paul Bremer. ISIL is just an ideology - it can't be beaten militarily anyway.

    Well, that's my opinion,

  • kairos

    If the governments do not completely destroy everything about them, they will continue to kill.
    They will use whatever they can. They will regain strength.
    This is history speaking, not me.

    How long until they take out 1,000s at a time instead of 14?
    Do you think they are not actively trying?

    The current candidates are proposing this now.

    This is NOT the time to have "a waiting attitude".


  • Diogenesister
    Push them where? out of Iraq? The Turks have been ordered out of there, doing that, Issi"s young advenurers are not push-overs like the Germans or Japanese.

    Ha ha, this is a juicy one for a thread battle prologos!!!(sorry for hyjaking your thread witness 007).

    Of course the British have been getting their butts handed to them by the Pathan's (Afganistan, but you can bet theres plenty in isis)for hundreds of years!

    However, my money is still on the GERMAN army as the best!

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    Obama admits he's at war but 80% of fly missions return fully loaded because the orders are "dont fire if civilians are in the way." Issis has lost hardly any ground in 15 months of bombing.
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    Forgive me for posting this on different threads but it bears repeating.

    There was nothing new in the President's speech. His policy of containment isn't working. You need boots in the ground side by side with Iraqi/Syrian fighters to deal effectively with ISIS. You also need to eliminate the internecine wars which allows ISIS to take advantage by playing one group against another.

    The way to do that is to give each faction their own sovereign territory so that they don't have to step on each others toes; what I call the multi-nation solution. In "Iraq" that would be Kurdistan, Sunni-land and Shiite-land They would then fight ISIS tooth and claw in order to have their freedom not just from ISIS but. Independence is what most Muslims of different varieties want.

  • kaik

    People do not realize that war with ISIS is not a war against specific state entity or country, but against ideology. There is no way to defeat it, only decimate its ranks. There is nothing to gain with occupying Syria. These Islamist fighters will disburse to other Islamic countries from Libya to Nigeria to Afghanistan to Central Asia to Yemen and you have another war all over. People put too much high expectation on Russia and Putin that he will defeat ISIS, but after two months of bombing campaign, ISIS is still holding. USA and Western powers are in war with ISIS for longer. The only way to stop ISIS from spreading out it is to contain it, redraw borders, and gives Kurds a place where they can stop it from digging it in the mountains.

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