Should Obama and coalition troops push ISSI'S out of Iraq??

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  • kaik
    One issue people underestimate is the Islamic will to fight. USA thinks that it has technological superiority and people there wants to live like Americans. However, even in the Western states, the support for Sharia laws and ISIS like statehood is somewhere between 25% and 40% percent among Muslims. In the ME, the support is even higher. You can look how long 50 years of warfare looks in ME at one country: Israel!. With all its might, technological superiority, economic position, desire for survival, and intelligence, Israel has not been able to break a will of Palestinians to fight. Look on year after year of uprisings and constant warfare, and you can expect the same form Russian/American/Western Europe coalition. Nothing more than years after years, decade after decade of constant warfare.
  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    Just to be clear THEY DO have a capital Racca Syria. They do have a "country" you will always have a fight with terror cells but we cant allow them to have their own country making millions to fund terror. Many radical muslims like the ideal of a country of there own...we need to destroy that dream.
  • smiddy

    talesin ,

    Sorry , but you left out one important fail ,

    The war on gun control in the USA , the N.R.A. , an absolute failure .

    The koran /Quaran , is based on a literal interpretation of a Centuries old text of sacred writings held dear by it`s adherents.That has no place in today`s society .

    The N.R.A. and there supporters also base there interpretation on texts/writings of a day gone by that has no place in today `s society .

    I don`t profess to have the answer to either problem , however , I do know that both have to change for the better sooner or later. , preferably sooner .


  • kaik
    Raqqa is unofficial capital of unofficial country of 12 to 15 millions of people with 25,000 foreigner fighters, and 100, 000 troops of local population. Even nuking Raqqa will not put the end of this state, because it lives in the heads of the Islamist fighters. One Raqqa is destroyed, they will overwhelm another area sympathetic to their ideas. And this can be anywhere from Mali to Iraq and from Libya to Yemen.

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