The choice of being alone has never been clearer.

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  • GrreatTeacher

    I understand the frustration of losing monetarily in a divorce. That would suck really bad.

    But some men gain by getting married. My husband owned a car which he paid over 30 days late every month. That was it.

    I started paying his car payment on time. We started putting money away in 401k's for retirement and bought our first house by the time he was 24 and I was 21 when I realized that the rent I was paying was greater than a mortgage payment would be. I found a first time buyers program, saved up about $1200 and we bought a house that we flipped 4 years later for a $20,000 profit to put down on a larger house. That was in the '90s.

    My husband was 23 when we got married, lived at home with mom and dad and paid his only asset, his car payment, late every month. I have every reason to believe, and he even admits, that things would have remained that way for him for a long time had I not come along.

    Now he's 51 and looking to retire in about 10 years, though I'll work longer. We both have investments and should be able to enjoy retirement. He does work his ass off. His ADHD keeps him busy all the time. But, I'm the brains behind this operation. He admits that he would've drank and partied his paycheck away and died young if he had stayed single. He marveled when he turned 50 because he said he never expected to live this long.

    But, obviously you have to be compatible too.

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    OP - Most of my friends have no intentions of getting married. All of them have gotten vasectomies....

    I think this is the new trend for the upcoming generations.

    Is this GOOD or BAD FOR SOCIETY, what do you all think?

    Back in 2007 the EU reproduction rate had fallen to 1.38 children per couple; it had been in decline for some time and is probably lower now

    If you fail to reproduce, you throw a huge spanner in the works of the banker’s business model as their fractional reserve banking / create money out of nothing... and then loan it to you at interest skimming scam, breaks down. It needs a constantly expanding population base, otherwise the Ponzi scheme falls over.

    I wonder if all of your friends would have followed the same course if they were aware of the bankers solution.

    The banker’s solution involves replacing the native populations of European countries (first) with people that have a higher fertility rate (also dept free), that just happen to me mostly muslim and to hell with the consequences for the natives.

    I'm just a racist, right... well here is a smoking gun on the UN website for you to investigate -

  • truth_b_known

    I watched the video in the original post. The video creator starts out on a good foot -

    • Happiness comes from within
    • Happiness does not come from someone else

    This is true. Happiness is an internal experience. We suffer from a lack of happiness when we believe that some person, some job, some hobby, some experience is going to fulfill us.

    That being said, the video creator contradicts himself by stating that happiness comes from friends and hobbies.

    The video creator is also correct in that a person has to make sacrifices when entering a committed relationship. Well, that is the definition of love - sacrifice of self for the other's benefit. I think that is where modern society starts to see trouble. I think we have to look at human history and the history of major to kind of get our bearings.

    About 150,000 years ago modern human appeared on Earth. Humans were a hunter/gatherer society. It was an egalitarian society in that both men and women were equal. Both men and woman hunted and gathered food to survive.

    Things changed when human turned into an agrarian society. This is where sperate roles for men and women first developed and then eventually came patriarchy. Men having natural upper body strength cultivated the earth while women bore children and handled the home. Add to that religion, primarily Abrahamic religions, and now the patriarchy is in full effect. It was acceptable for men to have multiple wives simultaneously. However, this produced 2 problems - 1) inheritance disputes and 2) violence due to women being treated as a resource and men with multiple wives being viewed as targets for men with none. So, that became no longer acceptable.

    Marriage was about ensuring there was a male heir to inherit a man's estate. Women were not allowed to own property. Additionally, marriages where used to increase a families wealth or expand royalty's kingdom. The problem was there was often no romance in this arrangement and infidelity was the only way to satisfy that desire. Sex outside of marriage was prohibited by religion and sometimes even by law.

    Then in the mid-18th century Europe we got the Romance Movement. This movement was seen in art, music, and literature. The ideology of Romance is that we all have that one special person out their that can satisfy every role and vice versa. Marrying for love was introduced and adopted. The problem is that romance is not love and the myth the Romance Movement produced skews reality.

    Now jump forward to the mid to late 20th century. We got the women's liberation movement. Women realized that, like their ancestors, they aren't below men and do not need men. In addition, we as a race moved into a period of enlightenment and rationality. Religion and a fear of eternal damnation were no longer an issue. People accepted sex outside of marriage. Relationships were no longer about starting families (i.e. having children). Being married and not having children is widely accepted.

    Laws involving marriage were adopted to support families and not marriage. Tax credits, employer provided insurance for spouse and children are just some examples of such laws. Then came divorce laws.

    Divorce started becoming normalized is the latter quarter of the 20th century. Society was still looking through the lens of antiquated philosophies such as women cannot earn a living like men, a woman's place is in the home, and women are better suited for child rearing. So we got child support laws and alimony.

    So, here we are in the first half of the 21st century. Does the legal institution of marriage make sense?

    I like marriage. I love my wife. I like being a father and look forward to being a grandfather. I know that I am most content when spending my time doing things with my wife and children. I used to think my career would make me happy. I learned that is not true almost too late.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Marriage can be good if it's what a couple genuinely wants.

    But the JWs practically force marriage onto its members, including born-ins.

    Members know that if they have any kind of relationship outside traditional, heterosexual marriage, then they're gonna be shunned and lose their family & friends, their support network.

    They also know that the WTS frowns on masturbation.

    Personally, I wouldn't get married.

    It seems to be slanted in favour of women, e.g. if I was worth £1 million and got divorced, my ex-wife could get £500,000. That would be one high-class escort, lol.

  • FFGhost
    if I was worth £1 million and got divorced, my ex-wife could get £500,000. That would be one high-class escort

    I dunno, if your wife were worth 1 million, you'd get 500,000.

    What would that make you?

  • pistolpete
    resolute Bandicoot

    That's interesting about how the Banks function and depend on new meat

    Those scumbags.

  • pistolpete

    I don't think the majority of women are like you.

    As the saying goes, you're a Rose among thorns.

  • pistolpete

    That was a pretty good summary of human history and the relationships between men and women. It kind of saddens me though. We've had to learn through trial and error. And we're still not there.

    Maybe someday we'll figure out how to treat one another.

    For now it seems like a crap-shoot. Some hit the jackpot and find a good marriage mate and others find HELL.

  • Jeffro


    Marriage was the thing for those born before 2010.

    There’s just fewer and fewer 10-year-olds getting married these days.

  • pistolpete


    Marriage was the thing for those born before 2010.

    There’s just fewer and fewer 10-year-olds getting married these days.



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