The choice of being alone has never been clearer.

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  • pistolpete

    Something I've noticed is that Marriage was the thing for those born before 2010. But today's culture of divorce laws slanted to favor women has forced men to THINK CAREFULLY before signing the marriage certificate.

    Most of my friends have no intentions of getting married. All of them have gotten vasectomies, so there is no chance of being blamed for a pregnancy. Most of them have a nice average 3000 plus sq foot home --- paid for. At least a couple of new cars they trade in every two or three years. They date often but they don't feel the need to be married to be happy.

    Jws are very marriage oriented. But I know literally TONS of jws who have divorced two or three times.

    I guess that THREE FOLD CORD doesn't really work---Man-Jehovah-Woman.

    I think this is the new trend for the upcoming generations.

    Is this GOOD or BAD FOR SOCIETY, what do you all think?

    Here's an example of one of many YouTube videos that encourage the new trend.
  • Overrated

    Marriage is a trap for a man. My first marriage was a nightmare. My second is okay with some difficulty, but all minor. But If I had to do it over again, I would of stayed single. Some women are too controlling.

  • pistolpete
    Marriage is a trap for a man.

    It seems like it these days. One of my friend's brother didn't get married till 30. He had built a business, bought a home and paid it off BEFORE HIS MARRIAGE. Had one child, then she had an affair with someone at work. She filed for divorce, won the house, Got child support, and now the guy had to start all over again at 30 plus age.

    Had he stayed single, he wouldn't be in this mess.

  • GrreatTeacher

    I mean, I don't really care what younger people are doing, but I must say that my marriage is one of the least stressful things in my life.

    Our worst issue is the what's for dinner, who's cooking problem which isn't more than a minor irritation.

    I've always wondered why people say marriage takes work because ours doesn't. It's easy and comfortable.

    To me, if you have to work that hard at it, you've made the wrong choice of partner.

    But I really don't care if other people don't want to get married.

  • Overrated

    Yeah, ex's can be vampires that suck the very life out you. Got to be on the look out for them Gold Diggers. They marry your wallet. Cleaning you out and your done. Just don't reproduce.

  • Biahi

    Overrated, I hope your wife isn’t on this forum!

  • titch

    Well, this post and discussion emphasize the importance of drawing up a "prenuptial agreement" before entering into marriage, and both parties signing the prenuptial agreement before the marriage. Everything should be written out and understood by both parties, BEFORE the marriage. Best Regards.....


  • FedUpJW

    If I began to think I needed to be married, I would find a woman and give her my house, sign over my bank account and stock portfolio to her, buy her a couple cars and then ask some thug to beat the living Hell out of me, and I am pretty sure that would cure the desire.

    TBH I think prostitution should be legal. At least even a high end escort will always be less costly than getting married.

    Now let the thumb down votes commence.

  • just fine
    just fine

    @great teacher - I agree, my marriage is the least stressful thing in my life. My husband is my best friend and we are compatible about most things. We’ve been married more than 20 years and are happy.

  • hoser

    I got lucky. Found the right woman early in life the first time. I think Facebook and dating apps messed up relationships. It gives the illusion of choice and people can’t stick it out because its easy to network with the opposite sex and find a new partner.

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