Do you know the reason why certain peoples in the USA are pro-illegal immigration?

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  • I believe in overlapping
    I believe in overlapping

    Katie Hopkins was a columnist for British national newspapers. She is warning the United States to stop the illegal migrations before it turns into her home in London. She is having to flee her home country London because of the culture and social change immigrants have made in her county. It is now too dangerous to live in her Country. Her investigation into the illegal immigration exodus into the United States reveals it’s all about money for many religious organizations.

    She explains that there are paper trails to support the assertion that tax payer dollars are flowing back to the hand of the traffickers. Each illegal child is worth $56,000 dollars to the charities in placement funds.

    The Catholic Bishops of the USA received over 29 million dollars for moving illegal aliens into America in 2018. The Lutheran immigration of refugee service received 28 million dollars in 2018 for the facilitating illegal alien into the United States. All religions charities receive millions of dollars each year to facilitate illegals into the United States.

    She reasons that a wall will not keep illegal aliens out of the USA. Instead stop the profit margin for facilitating illegals into the USA and you stop the illegal migration into the country.

    I started this video where she talks about this problem that is silently changing the culture and social environment of the United States.She says that in less than a decade, bombings and terrorist acts will be a norm in every state. Muslim religion will embed itself in every city and Sharia Law will slowly creep into local government.

    The President, Congress, and the Judicial System are the only Wall that can stop the slow death of the United States Culture and Societal Norms.

    Start the video at the 11 minute mark where she talks about this problem.

  • OnTheWayOut
    Do you know the reason why certain peoples in the USA are pro-illegal immigration?

    It is not so much that so many people are "pro" on illegal immigration as it is more that they understand that people look for a better life. And if the situation were reversed, we recognize that we might seek a better life by illegally entering Canada or Mexico.

    I have thought about parents maybe preferring to leave their child in the hands of U.S. authorities when the adults are caught by Border Patrol or others, rather than have them go back with them. But I had never thought about the Church being involved. It makes sense.

    But could it also make sense that people who are trying to be "like Jesus" (at least the way they were taught about Jesus) are just trying to help people and the Church might not be concerned with borders? Kinda like Santuary Cities- which just means that they can report crimes without their immigration status explored, or send children to schools the same way.

  • Simon

    Poor uneducated people looking for handouts will vote for people who promise them stuff for free (and forget the "they don't vote" - they already entered a country illegally, what's another law broken?).

    If they were likely to vote Republican, the dems would shut the border faster than CNN could pass on debate questions.

    They manufacture crisis because they want a mass of poor, suffering, criminally preyed upon uneducated people who will give them votes forever more. They don't care that people suffer because they promote situations where they will put themselves at risk.

    What would be more humane would be having proper control:

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    I think border control is a natural concern of every government as far stability is concerned, and acting in behalf of its own best interest therefore I cannot answer your question but offer my own .02$ on the subject.

    What if one countries economy get way better than its neighbor countries and people start flooding the land of opportunity and have nowhere to live? Some type of control should be in place to keep things from getting way out of hand.

  • waton
    land of opportunity and have nowhere to live? BbW

    Well, that means housing has to be build, rents will rise, a boost to the economy. There is where the hypocrisy comes in, having laws that are ignored because illegal immigration is in the interest of some interests, the concern of the original population be damned

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    cheap labour.

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    Similar situation in Australia overlapper, The uniting church is big on providing help and integration programs for immigrants and collecting the government money, even having all of the George Soros funded "Get Up" leaflets at their churches.


  • I believe in overlapping
    I believe in overlapping

    This is something I never thought of, but now I wonder why citizens don't have a say on immigration policy.

    Immigration laws should be something the citizenry vote on directly. The immigration laws in the nation included elements that the average American NEVER got a say in, and that needs to change

  • silentbuddha

    Most people are not aware of just how good and easy many illegal immigrants lives are when they arrive. If they knew how fast they elevate their lives and excel beyond native residents there would be a much larger uproar, and patience would run thin.

    I always tell people, get to know one of these folks. In 3 years they will have everything you have worked your whole life for and in many cases more.

    I laugh when I see struggling moms crying and bleating over these poor people. Meanwhile they receive more assistance than she does

  • tiki

    I am American and liberally minded. I am a proponent of legal immigration. I am not in agreement with a wall or with the current tactics used to remove those who did not enter the country through proper means.... Too many innocent victims. And people who are looking for a safer healthier environment in which to live should not be denied the option. And aside from the native Americans we all are immigrants or descended there from.

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