Why are the 2 newly appointed Governing Body Members from Bethel, when there are anointed ones all over the world? they could have used.

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  • Ron.W.

    Yes, I remember hearing a talk by the C.O. William Heath in the early 1990's saying "When you look at the advanced age of the governing body you realise that the end of the system must be very very soon,"

    I queried that surely you cannot link the end of this system of things to the advanced age in the 1990's of some old men in Brooklyn to two elders in private conversation.

    One instantly accused me of talking like an apostate, saying it was impossible for these GB men in the early 1990's to all die before Armageddon came.

    The other was more thoughtful and said he understood what I was implying. He admitted he was prepared not to lose his faith if indeed all these men died and the end had still not come.

    Sadly, when I pointed out this conversation to my jw family in 2024 - they instantly accuse me of talking like an apostate -

    But yes, in actual fact, every governing body member that William Heath referred to is now indeed LONG DEAD!!

    And I am very sorry William Heath R.I.P but the end did not come before that early 1990's GB passed away- instead we now have a completely different governing body all still proclaiming loudly that the end is soon to come...

  • TonusOH

    fulano: @ picture 1. Were those boots on sale?

    Russell's in the picture, so I'm thinking that he sold the boots to everyone else. In which case, I doubt they were on sale. Maybe he called them "Miracle Boots."

  • DisgruntledFool

    Miracle Boots : The 'souls' never wear out, limited to a run of 144,000 pairs and they look great with a toga!

  • ExBethelitenowPIMA

    So the part 2 has been released, I’ve just the part admitting the GB are not inspired and not infallible!

    Then he said when we make a mistake either with direction or doctrine an apology is not needed!

    Then count how many times the phrases “we can’t be dogmatic” and then “we don’t know”!

    I still don’t understand why he says “we know some of you were thinking I hope my loved ones die before Armageddon” accusing people of being stupid for believing the old doctrine!!!!

    so what is the new doctrine? These unbelievers who don’t die before Armageddon will Jehovah kill them or not if they are good people who didn’t get baptised?

    Then the really shocking part that disfellowshipped ones can come back last minute.

    this changes everything from the point of view of Pascals Wager. It used to be it was worth it making the wager that God exists. But this new light means you don’t have to make that wager until the great tribulation starts.

    it’s just like betting on a horse race but you can wait until the race is over then make your bet once you know for sure.

    This is such a massive change and now young people don’t need to get baptised just stay JWLITE,

  • Rattigan350

    There are no more anointed ones left in the world. One does not have to be anointed by holy spirit to be on the Governing body, one just has to say one was.

  • LeeMerk

    I watched just a little bit. It's amazing how slippery they are with their reasoning. They just never can be wrong or blamed for anything. Also, look how they pick and choose scriptures to back up their twisted reasoning. Everything is out of context.

  • LongHairGal


    You both might be right.

    But, I think these recent changes so close together are a reaction to too much recent bad publicity and the hemorrhaging of too many people from the religion.. It might just have been a matter the timing not being quite right that changes proposed years ago by anybody were rejected.

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