Why are the 2 newly appointed Governing Body Members from Bethel, when there are anointed ones all over the world? they could have used.

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  • no-zombie

    Despite the fact that every Jehovah's Witness denies it, it is very clear the Faith is American ... and becoming even more so over time. Why, even its doctrines and laws prove this point. Just look at the previous ban on beards, university study and sexual moral attitudes, and see that they all come from a purely American centric view.

    For example, it is well understood that the link between beards and the rebellious hippy movement was not that defined out of the US, nor is the reason for tertiary education based on peoples' desire to get rich and make a 'name' for themselves. The United Sates on the other hand, has always had a problem with anti-establishment expression, as it does with its attitude towards money and non-traditional sexual practices.

    So we should expect that new Governing Body members will always be American citizens, and any idea a truly international and ethically diverse Faithful slave, will only exist in our dreams.



    So we should expect that new Governing Body members will always be American citizens, and any idea a truly international and ethically diverse Faithful slave, will only exist in our dreams.


    So it seems that what we have here with the Governing Body is almost a case of apostolic succession where new members of the Governing Body are chosen from among their own kind.

    Exactly! An all American White Boys Club! Samuel Herd is the only non-white...used as a Religious pacifier.

  • Ding

    Maybe a prerequisite for being elected to the GB is that you have to keep a straight face when you say you understand and believe the overlapping generations teaching.

  • Simon

    It's just pure random chance that the holy spirit selects people who are also the most conveniently located, in the office down the hallway.

    Not your typical man-made organization where proximity to power gets you ahead, whatsoever.

  • DisgruntledFool

    "It's not who you know...it's who you 'nose..."

  • NotFormer

    LongHairGal: "Is everybody forgetting that we don’t know the reasons AM3 was removed? There is speculation he may have not been in agreement with the changes that were just implemented in the annual meeting.. Situations like this would possibly be more likely to occur in the future with somebody from elsewhere."

    The paradox here is that if this speculation is correct, that Tony Morris was too hardline and obstinate in the face of change, it means that he was the one most loyal to long held WT doctrine. He was an outside convert, completely sold on the gospel according to the WT and was unwilling to compromise on it. Arguably exactly the kind of person they want, according to everything they've written over the years. He was punished for being too loyal!

    So are born-ins more malleable than converts?

  • ThomasMore

    Ted Jaracz was the original hardliner. I was told that many softer policies were rejected when he shut them down - almost singlehandedly. I find it implausible that Morris did the same but got ousted when Jaracz was even more of a hardliner AND had a standing, unaddressed accusation of molestation by Pat Garza.

    Call me a skeptic, but the actions WTC took against Tony indicate that he did something so damaging that if known, could do irreparable damage. Normally when members get out of line, they just get kicked out to fend for themselves. Not so with Morris. He is a pariah to them, calling for a payoff for silence and an NDA, along with a degree of secrecy that even the Warren Commission would admire.

    If Tony was just a pain in the a_ _ to them, trust me - we would have heard the details from these persecution complex whiners by now. It would be in their best interests to leak it as most R&F would be sympathetic for what the “dear GB” had to endure…

  • fulano

    @ no zombie.

    @ picture 1. Were those boots on sale?

    @ picture 2. I have never seen so many unhappy faces together.

  • MeanMrMustard

    @NorFormer: Or he and his wife were swinging with another couple at Bethel. No way to know.

  • Elena

    When you see them with their wives it’s very discouraging how young they are.

    We were discouraged when the last lot of GB members were added at Tony Morris time.

    We were taught these would be the last ones and they are getting old so not much longer left now

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