2019 Service Year Report Grand Total

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  • Corney


    We don’t have a figure for new publishers so we make do with the baptism figure as a close approximation. This is reasonable because most unbaptised publishers get baptised within a few years, and those who become inactive before baptism cancel themselves out in relation to the baptism figure. So in any given year the baptism figure may be different from the number of new publishers, but over the long term they follow the same trajectory.

    Yep, "over the long term". The 2019 baptism statistics say nothing about 2019 pub number change, and year by year comparisons and calculations based on the numbers of baptisms are unreliable. But I think it's OK to use them to make comparisons by five-year periods and by decades. And again, it's better to use average (instead of peak) pubs numbers for this purpose.

    The JW death rate is likely lower than the worldwide average because they are overrepresrned in wealthy countries and they don’t include infants as members.

    I'm not sure. On the one hand, the mortality rate in Europe, Northern America and developed countries is actually higher than the global rate, and under-five mortality in these regions is significantly lower than among adult population. On the other hand, the death rate in Latin America is lower than the global one (source, p. 10 et seq.). I think it's only safe to say that the global mortality rate among active publishers is between 0.5% and 1.5%.

  • tiki

    I wouldn't attach any importance to their numbers...they just want to present a glowing picture. It is of no importance in the grand scheme of things.

  • joe134cd

    If it means anything, there have been 4 deaths in the cong that my grandfather went to. This cong has about 100 publishers, mostly upper middle aged and older

  • Crazyguy2

    The numbers are bullshit so what if a couple of African countries are growing fast the rest of the world people are leaving in mass and with about 70% of the born ins leaving there’s no way they have any real growth. Oh and let’s not forget the 1000s of Kingdom Halls up for sale.

  • alanv

    Crazyguy, to be faie to Watchtower, they not only show countries with growth, but they also show the ones with no growth, plus the ones with minus growth. 1.2% is hardly real growth its just slightly higher than the world population increase

    Kingdom halls are indeed being closed and sold, but they are also building new ones in Africa and South America. Those countries cant afford nice looking Kingdom Halls, so money probably comes from donations from the richer countries where the halls have been sold.

    I hate the cult, but just wanted to make those few points.

  • nowwhat?

    You would think somewhere on the org site they would post a list of all these new build kh's that were supposedly built in africa. If one k.h sold in the u.s. for 300k that should be enough to build 10 basic structure halls in Africa!

  • alanv

    Anyone know if and when the full 2019 service report will be published?

  • slimboyfat

    I think it was out already by this time last year.

    There’s no guarantee they’ll keep publishing these. Many of us have suspected a gradual fade out of statistical information.

    That having been said, they may wait until the figures get worse before discontinuing. The other thing is it would be more difficult to justify collecting preaching reports from publishers if they no longer publish the results.

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