2019 Service Year Report Grand Total

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  • Listener

    Alanv - I imagine the full report will appear soon.

    Yes, it will be imminent, there's a note with the 'news announcement' that says

    A comprehensive 2019 Service Year Report of Jehovah’s Witnesses will soon be available on jw.org and the JW Library app.
  • slimboyfat

    I make that to be:

    2.9 increase in Memorial Attendance

    1.2 increase in Peak Publishers

    7.8 increase in Baptisms

    Pretty impressive showing, all things considered.

    Boasting about number of baptisms does however have the unfortunate consequence of highlighting the fact that they were baptising more people in the mid 1990s when there was half the number of JWs compared with today. Plus if publishers increased 103,208 compared with 303,866 baptisms, that’s a lot of people who have left the organisation. In fact it might just be the biggest gap between baptisms and increase ever: 200,658.

    Number of congregations is a crucial number and it declined last year (I think) for the first time ever. Will the number of congregations continue to decline?

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    They want to downplay the large number of increasing memorial partakers by saying many are mentally ill or unstable . . . So why brag about the increase? Shouldn't all these 'sick' people not be counted?

  • no-zombie

    We must remember that the average publisher (if they actually kept on quoting it) would now be well under 1%. My guess that it would be between 0.85 and 0.9% in actuality. And it wouldn't be that hard to calculate it, if we averaged difference be average and peak publisher figures previously released over a few years.

    However, it doesn't really matter in one way, in that while the GB initially got some good vibes when they switched over to quote the peak figures, the trend still continues downward. And their use of the inaccurate peak publisher numbers just goes to show how sad they have become.

    What will they do when the peak publisher figure falls below 1%?

  • slimboyfat

    In the long term the increase in average and peak publishers will tend to be the same, unless there is a growing divide between the two figures, which I don’t think there has been. The main problem with the peak figure is that it is more volatile than the average number, so the peak increase for any single year is less indicative of performance for that year than the average figure. However the long term trend should be just as discernible from the peak figure compared with the average figure.

    Incidentally, the worldwide average figure is still published (in the full report) it’s the average figures for individual countries which are now absent.

  • Gorbatchov

    I think it's all fraud, but at the other hand:

    In a Trump and fake news dominated world, and some "Unruhe" in many country's due to increased populism, there is a market for jw.org

    The big solution just around the corner, that's what our grandparants, parants of ourself, once took for real. So a increase of the population JW's can be real.

    Lets be fare, give them all a nice time in jw.org, some place in the world, to be respected.

    It's not our purpose to judge about them, let's focus on our own life. There is some progress to make, when I watch myself. To be a better person, in family life, in social life.


  • alanv

    Its quite weird how they have gone from average to peak publishers by country. It made the figures look better the first year but after that it means nothing. Its just presenting a force picture. Average is always going to be more accurate. But the 1.2 % increase in peak publishers is the lowest increase sine 2005 as far as i can see.

  • BluesBrother

    So they baptised 300,000 but increased around 100,000, losing 200k along the way. .

    However, there are around 120,000 congregations in tne world. Deaths are not unusual. If each congregation buried just 1 or 2 people in the year, that would account for a large part of them.

    Perhaps the wastage is not so bad after all.?

  • WTWizard

    Are those baptisms even legitimate? How many are under the age of 21 and coerced by family? How many are even under 17? And, how many are outright fake? I would like to see a full TCMP style audit on these numbers to see how many are coerced or fake, how many fake time slips or time slips made from coerced field circus. and how many people end up baptized by age 6 and slither out before they reach 21, and continue to have reports made on their behalf for many years after they stop. And, of the total number, how many are full believers not in it to control others' lives after 1, and 5, years.

    And let me see my time slips being faked during the past 15 years or so, and they could be looking at a mess. If I put in nothing, that's what I want reported--and I am not proud of the times I wasted real time helping the reptilians to enslave the world and bring in Noahide Law. Bad enough for the hours I wasted ruining our planet for real, but I do not want more trouble for having hours credited toward this project that I didn't even do.

  • slimboyfat

    BluesBrother a 1% mortality rate is sometimes suggested as a rule of thumb that is a generous (overestimate) of the annual death rate of JWs compared with the worldwide death rate of 0.83%.

    If the JW death rate is around 1% that would suggest around 85,000 deaths last year.

    That leaves something in the region of 115,000 people who left JWs last year one way or another: became inactive, disassociated, or disfellowshipped.

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