2019 Service Year Report Grand Total

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  • Listener

    The Watchtower is thrilled with the amount baptised in the 2019 service year.

    They are reporting an increase in Publishers of 103,208 from the 2018 year.

    This is what they have posted under Global News on their website -

    2019 Service Year Report Includes Largest Baptismal Figure in 20 Years
    We are thrilled to announce that during the 2019 service year, more than 300,000 individuals were baptized as Jehovah’s Witnesses. This is the first time since 1999 that the number baptized has exceeded 300,000. We praise Jehovah for blessing our whole-hearted preaching and disciple-making work!
    The 2019 service year also included other historic and memorable events: international conventions, Bible releases, and heartwarming displays of brotherly love in action. The following are some of the grand totals from the worldwide report. *
    Number of Lands Reporting: 240
    Worldwide Memorial Attendance: 20,919,041
    Peak Number of Publishers: 8,683,117
    Total Number Baptized: 303,866
    Good reports like this motivate us to follow the counsel of our Lord Jesus as found in our 2020 yeartext: “Go, therefore, and make disciples . . . , baptizing them.”—Matthew 28:19.

    2018 Total

    Number of Lands Reporting: 240
    Worldwide Memorial Attendance: 20,329,317
    Peak of Publishers : 8,579,909
    Total Number Baptized : 281,744

  • smiddy3

    How many partakers at the memorial do they say ? I didn`t see that mentioned .

    No doubt the majority of those baptised would be children of JW`s .

    Nothing to gloat over .

  • Listener

    It's not mentioned.

  • Under No Illusion
    Under No Illusion

    Blessed are the accountants.

    All quite creative I would say, The publisher increase would be adding the existing with the new. But what of existing JWs who just stop and are not df'ed. No way they know or admit that number,

  • smiddy3

    Has the amount of partakers now become an even greater embarrassment to the G.B. than ever before ?

    They used to pride themselves in providing those numbers going down as it was another proof of how close the "end" was coming

    And then the numbers of partakers at the Memorial started going up year after year till now they aren`t publishing those numbers anymore .?

    I wonder why ?

  • Chook

    Creative accounting by the creative prophets of Warwick.

  • alanv

    Interestingly an impressive rise of 7% in the baptisms, but actually only a 1.2% rise in peak publishers (was 1.4% last year). So loads of people going out through the back door. Im pretty sure they will soon stop publishing the partakers figure. They have already said its not a true picture of genuine anointed JWs. Thanks listener for finding the report. I imagine the full report will appear soon. Last year it was in the about us section on JW org

  • keinlezard


    303 000 ? but from where ... all figures I see here about baptism where under 1% ...

    I suppose that africa is the main place where these could come

    Or but some should says ""you'are an apostate , opponents" , these figures are totally fake ....

    Less publications, less Kingdom Hall , but more and more JW ??? something seems wrong

    Best regards

  • alanv

    Hi Keinlezard, we will know more when the full report is published, but its a fare bet that most baptisms are coming from Africa and South America. I think most on here are from USA or Europe where there is next to no increase in anything. So the figure that matters is not the baptisms but the peak publishers, and that is a very low figure, barely keeping up with the world population increase.

  • skin

    It's not coming from NZ. Extremely poor baptism percentages here over last 10 + years.

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