Do they even realise how disgustingly immoral this is and how badly it reflects on the God they worship?

by doubtfull1799 22 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • venus

    Scriptural view of God has no more value than scriptural view that says earth is flat, sun is stopped for Joshua to win the war ...etc

  • EverApostate
    God is patient and make us endure trials

    This is Just a lame excuse given by religious people,especially Christians , to make up for their non existing god.


    It's the only way to justify suffering, along with an omnipotent, loving God.

    I guess Jeehoober rightly assessed that some Dubs could handle losing their families in mudslides? After all, just one angel could have stopped it from happening.

    What about the Dubwife who was killed outside of Warwick while her Husband changed a flat tire? How easy it should have been to stop that! Move the object that caused the flat, make the tire invulnerable ( it worked for sandals ), make fix-a-flat appear in the tire! I could go on, and on!

    How easy to make a real miracle, one that would really cause praise and perhaps make converts! Alas, nope....


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