Do they even realise how disgustingly immoral this is and how badly it reflects on the God they worship?

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  • doubtfull1799

    Found this little gem when going through the daily texts...

    So let me get this straight.... God knows your suffering really badly and wants to help. He knows you feel like you're at your limit, but he also knows that you are not really - that you can handle some more suffering. So instead of helping, he "patiently" waits till you are at your absolute limit, and only then does he help!?

    So the point of his "patience?" To make sure you don't get out of your suffering too early? To make sure you experience the maximum suffering you can endure?

    So you want the help now, and he desires to help you now, so what is the point of patience in this scenario?

  • waton

    Of course, death is offered as the absolute painkiller.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    That text reminds me of a Watchtower cover someone just posted recently. It had a starving African child on the front that was little more than skin and bones. The heading? Why is God patient - or something to that effect. In this case, the child's suffering isn't enough for God to act on I guess. Just a little more starving ......


    That's what caused my cognitive dissonance. I prayed and prayed. No answer. I didn't get anywhere spiritually. I talked to the elders. They had no answer for me. I went through a deep depression even though I was on antidepressants. That is when I started to research the internet. Problem solved. Thanks jehovah.

  • WTWizard

    Joke-hova wants everyone to be miserable to the extreme, living just enough to supply that abomination with spiritual energy so it can conquer every other possible intelligent life and debase it the way it did with the earth. And, if a world will not cooperate, joke-hova needs your suffering to help it blow up their planet the way it did the one between Mars and Jupiter, or create a nuclear holocaust to destroy (and later discredit) any life (as it did with Mars).

    At the very least, your suffering is helping joke-hova to enslave the whole earth under full communism. No wonder joke-hova will not act until you are really at the absolute limit--and even then, it only acts to harvest more of your suffering. And it will not fully remove the problem, though it be in a perfect position to do so and the problem is a result of serving that abomination in the first place.

  • scratchme1010
    So the point of his "patience?" To make sure you don't get out of your suffering too early? To make sure you experience the maximum suffering you can endure?

    No. The point is a very simple one. That crap gives people who are suffering and don't/can't know better comfort. That is the lame explanation that some people buy to be able to copw with whatever --it life throws at them. It's that simple, that's how some people cope.

  • kairos

    Even if they were right, it's a cult of cruelty, hatred and judgement.
    They have policies that allow pedophiles to run wild.

    I can't worship a god like that.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen
    • Satan to Jdub: look man, these hoomanz only worship you because you're helping them out
    • Jdub: nope. Look, I won't help them out anymore. See what happens when they suffer.
    • Satan: ok fair enough. We'll see what happens if you don't help them.
    • Us to Jdub: Oh God, I really really can't take it anymore. I'm about to curse you or lose my faith!
    • Jdub: oh don't worry! Just suffer a bit. I'll help you right before you break and leave me ;-)
    • Satan: Hey! I thought we had a bet going on here! Cheater!
  • venus

    It shows they have no idea why humans should suffer! Even a cursory look would reveal that there is violation of law(s) behind suffering, and there is observance of law(s) behind well-being. Everything goes by law. Look at the wonderful mechanism called seeds. Each of all the species on earth (about 8.7 million) reproduces only its own kind, which shows how perfectly laws are working. Both well-being (when laws are observed) and ill-effects (when laws are violated) are results of some laws at work, like two sides of a coin. For example, in skillful cooking, delicious dishes are produced which means some laws are perfectly observed. In careless cooking, what you cook is burned, or food item being turned black into carbon, which again means some laws are at work. Living things contain the element carbon. That is because many organic compounds are present in living things such as carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids. Organic compounds contain both the elements Hydrogen and Carbon besides any other elements that may be present in a compound. Therefore, anything that was once alive that you cook and subsequently burn, will turn black and the charred material will definitely contain the element carbon. The unexpected ill-effects from violating some laws are felt as suffering and as bad. Interestingly, God cannot get involved in the affairs of mankind because everyone’s viewpoint varies. Humanity’s situation can be symbolized by a potter and an umbrella merchant. Potter whose business depends on sun would pray no rain should come whereas an umbrella merchant would pray for rain to come always because rain is a source of suffering for the potter and the same is a source of business for the umbrella merchant.

    However, suffering helps the humble who would take lessons from it and would be careful in the future to avoid things that led to suffering. For example, a person not careful about being hygienic is finally to suffer from related diseases which would give him a thirst to be hygienic. That means suffering glorifies the well-being.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    It goes to what the purpose of life is.

    Why are we here? Where did we come from? Religion attempts to answer this regardless of what it is. The religion that terrifies me more than any other is reincarnation. Once is enough for me to go around this merry-go-round. I knew a guy who thinks he's the reincarnation of Thomas Andrews, the designer of the Titanic. He grew up asking about aunts and uncles he never had, drawing pictures of a great ship with little boats in the water. As an adult he went to a hypnotherapist who specialized in past life regressions. He remembers thinking, "This is never going to work," and then he went under. He began speaking in a Scotch-Irish brogue and he later marketed the tapes. It was like listening to someone telling the story of his life. The family of Mr. Andrews, who perished on board the ship he designed, is not happy about this fellow. I've listened to his tapes a dozen times just for entertainment and wondered how he could have such experiences. But in one story, Andrews reports a verbal exchange with two other men, then leaves. Then he continues the story with what the men said after he left. How could someone "remember" a conversation he was not present to hear? Still, he spoke of his first car, the woman he married; he complained she was more interested in his car than in him (their first date was a ride in the car). He talked about being a kid, keeping bees, playing soccer; of being a mid-line manager, learning about steels. He talked about his dad, a constable and a religious man who had no toleration for alcohol. I wondered, where do people come up with that stuff.

    When I talked to him, he told me he had memories, some vague, some more vivid. For example, he says he remembers vividly standing of scaffolds overlooking the twin ships Titanic and Olympic. I have no theories as to how these memories got into his head. He said he was punished as a child. Once, in school, he said he was caught staring out into a lake choked with ice near his school. He said the teacher dragged him from the room while he told her and the students to "stop millin' about and get into the little boats!"

    Very strange. Don't know if the tapes or CDs are still available, but they used to be available from Amazon.

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