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  • tepidpoultry

    I'm counting 43 years to when elders were hunting me down

    because loving wife (ex now yay!) turned me in as I was no longer a

    "True Believer"

    No Internet but encyclopedias and libraries,

    Saw Penton's Apocalypse Delayed but didn't peek as

    I was always trying to be good

    They drove a stake of fear into my heart as a child and it was a

    slow painful process to remove it


  • exjwlemming

    In the mid 80's, my mother was being indoctrinated. I wasn't sure what to make of this group of people. I decided to do some research at my high school library and the public library. There was not much of anything that exposed the real truth of this organization. Encylopedias gave a brief history, but nothing of substance. No books from ex-members or the real story. Likewise, I started drinking the kool aid for the following 25 years. The internet has proven to be such a resource to many that ultimately avoid this cult. The web has saved many people and families of spiritual desolation and ultimate heartbreak in throwing their lives away to some man made, self appointed religious organiazation and God's fictitious publishing clearing house.

  • Zoos
    • tepidpoultry: No Internet but encyclopedias and libraries,
      Saw Penton's Apocalypse Delayed...

      I've heard of that book but never read.

      Still, you guys operated without a support foundation. Hats off too you. ALL THE RESPECT IN THE WORLD!

  • Zoos


  • Bruisedandbleeding12

    Born in 1966 and I got that old Watchtower out 2 1/2 years ago (yes I was born with it too)!!

  • scratchme1010

    How long did it take you?

    I really really hope you're talking figuratively!

    I was born in too, in 1965.My mother started Bible studies a year or so prior. My father became a JW when I was about 8 or 9.

    By the time I was 23 I was officially gone (or the WT was out of my ass, using your figurative speak), but I started the process of leaving at 20. It was a three year process of planning, evading getting dfed, lying to them about everything, and becoming less and less dependent on them. I also enrolled in college.

    Never looked back, and the idiots I left behind stayed smelling the stinky Watchtower that came out of my ass.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Well over 40 years.

    I know.......sad isn't it!

    The greatest revenge is living a happy & successful life!

  • Vidiot
    Zoos - "The rest of us owe you folks a buttload of gratitude."

    (no pun intended) :smirk:

  • NewYork44M

    Great analogy.

    I was born in, and discovered the smelly protrusion when I was a 35 year old elder. It took me another 10 years to finally pull it out. I have now been free for 15 years. Yikes, that makes me 60.

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS wouldn't have its retaining base of members if wasn't for its enforced vast regulations which it imposes onto people's social lives.

    That JW self identity is hard to just leave and shrug off as its known and in fact may take some people years to completely relinquish for many.

    It establishes such strong imposing social divide between us or them, that many are too afraid or weaken to move away from that structured identity.

    The fact that many are willing to abandon their own family for the organization is testament to how strong this imposing personal identity is.

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