Cooking With Cast Iron

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  • Scully

    Simon, I think I bought the same set that you have. And the same disappointment with my first fried egg on it. LOL

    It's been about 6 months since I bought it, struggling with food sticking to the pan, and have been resorting to using parchment paper between the stuff I cook and the pan. I was okay with that because I like the pans. I'll have them forever.

    Like you, I didn't realize that "pre-seasoned" meant that more seasoning was required, until I saw your thread a couple of days ago. Thanks for sharing! My pans are now seasoned to the point where things don't stick to it, no matter how hard I try! ;)

  • Simon

    Yeah, doing the proper seasoning is a bit of work but it does last and it's worth it.

    I spent a day seasoning / baking the pans in the oven and it really did transform them compared to the pre-season they came with.

    Next time I do it I might try the flax-seed which apparently gives the best / smoothest coating.

    Also important is care - I clean mine with a bit of sea-salt and water, no dishwashing detergent, and then dry throughly and put it back on the stove top to heat up and then apply some more oil to it for storage.

  • blondie

    Cracker Barrel now offer cast iron pressed burgers, no hoped they had gloves on prior to that.

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