Royal Australian Commission - Recomendations for Jehovahs Witnesses

by curiousconfused 52 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • steve2

    The “reply” on is really no reply at all. It never once contextualises the controversy over the use of the two-witness rule. If you watched it and knew nothing about the ARC, you’d be none the wiser after viewing it.

    Sure, it expands somewhat on the organization “never” stopping the use of the two-Witness rule but not once relates it to child sex abuse allegations. Crafty and stubborn at same time.

    Viewers who know the video has been prompted by ex-JWs publicising the ARC findings will hear it in a different light to those many JWs who know nothing about it.

  • zeb

    Yes their disinformation section must be going full time working on this..

  • faithnomore

    And the faithful rank and file will never watch the ARC testimony so they don't even have to try hard on the disinformation:(

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