Royal Australian Commission - Recomendations for Jehovahs Witnesses

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  • John Davis
    John Davis

    There is even talk that some of the Australian states and provinces are not fully going to implement the recommendations. That the Australian federal government is going to have to use their constitutional power to implement the recommendations for those states.

  • moreconfusedthanever

    Mr Turnbull told reporters that they will first need to read the lengthy document of recommendations and then they will be able to make decisions on which ones the government will implement.

    At this stage it's just a list of suggestions that the victims would like to see enforced completely.

    JWs already said the two witness rule will not be changed as it is in the bible and if they agree not to shun people they will lose control of "the flock" and I cannot see them ever doing that.

    They will be in direct opposition to the government and call it religious persecution and a sign that the end is near.

    The blind followers will still follow. Satan's system is in control and all that.

    It will be interesting.

    What the ARC has done is expose the JWs and hopefully curtail new recruits.

  • Listener

    I can see Angus Stuart's hand in those three recommendations. He's been reasonable and these three recommendations are achievable by the organisation without having to break any bible rules.

    The organisation is showing its stubbornness by claiming to stick to the two witness rule even though they've made their own modifications to it, such as the situation where two people of the opposite sex are just seen together in the same house overnight and alone.

  • no-zombie

    It was clear from the very beginning that the Organization was not going to cooperate with the ARC and none of us should have expected otherwise. And while bad press is always welcomed, the big ticket item was always going to be the compensation offered to abuse survivors. Unfortunately, the roll out of the redress scheme has been delayed and the following link will help explain some of the reasons.

  • John Davis
    John Davis

    Also, the compensation is on a scale ranging from 10,000 to a maximum of 150,000. The recommendations also have clear guidelines as to who can even qualify and who was the perpetrator and where the actions took place. So the number of 115,000 times 1800 is not actually accurate. That doesn't even include that some of those that may qualify don't choose to receive compensation or let's face it they have already passed away.

  • jp1692

    Well, that's soft and gentle. No teeth anywhere to be seen.

    I predict absolutely nothing will change as a result of this. Nothing.

  • zeb

    I have chased away the black dog to say thankyou my fellow posters.

    There have been times when a message of encouragement meant so much. and when in despair the words to say to phone the ARC and its wonderful counsellors to reveal the chicanery being done by wt were given me.

    The ARC is an inquiry. The massive compilation of its work is the first in our history and this report (!) goes to the federal govt for action. For any govt to do naught would be international and national political suicide and whats more they want to desire to on all sides of the parliament attack this leukemic disease that has riddled the nation ever since..

    Many jw will have seen the arc in process and seen also what bumbling buffoons the wt speakers were. Their stock rhetoric of "we would contact the branch office" will be a condemnation on them forever. Their failure to have even remotely the ability to answer questions put to them is a screaming angel of proof that the wt is not a god driven organisation. Remember when they so often said that in prosecution, 'fear not the words will be given you." well the words were not given them. As the justice said the wt elders were the least prepared of any group appearing before the commission.

    Don't expect every jw to suddenly take note and up and leave. For a start as we know jw have no critical thinking ability because sadly they have left thinking to the old men in Ny to think for them. The wt also has a active disinformation ability it uses when dates, speeches' and predictions all go arse up.(google; "stay alive 'till '75") Many have no other social contacts other than the kh and fear having any so don't expect the masses to do a big walk out.

    Yes as jp1692 .. soft and gentle.. so is this elephant standing in the wt space but it carries huge weight. so I will add this taken from the report:

    For religious institutions:

    • The ministry of churches (not just the Catholic Church) should not be exempt from reporting information discovered in religious confession.
    • Any religious organisation with a rite of religious confession should implement a policy that confession for children be conducted in an open space and in a clear line of sight of another adult.
    • The Australian Catholic Church should request permission from the Vatican to introduce voluntary celibacy for diocesan clergy.
    • Candidates for religious ministry should undergo external psychological testing, including psychosexual assessment, to determine their suitability to be in the ministry and to undertake work involving children.
    • Any person in religious ministry who is the subject of a complaint of child sexual abuse which is substantiated ... or who is convicted of an offence relating to child sexual abuse, should be permanently removed from ministry.

    These commens are directed to any religious organisation. Whether there is a tiniest shred of corporate humility in the wt of course remains to be seen.

    thankyou all again and thereby on behalf of the parents who's kids were abused.

  • Incognito

    I understand the ARC's report, is really intended to be recommendations to the Australian government, not recommendations to the various institutions that were investigated.

    The ARC was implemented to investigate how large a problem child abuse is within institutions. True, the ARC cannot implement laws and ensure enforcement, but it had authority to report cases which it learned about. The problem within Australia was found to be so prevalent, the ARC needed to be extended to 5 years. The commission's final responsibility is to provide recommendations to government (law makers) on how these problems can be prevented or at least be reduced, and what should occur when there is suspicion or an allegation of child abuse.

    With the ARC submitting its report to government, it then is the government's hands to review the data and to hopefully adopt or better the recommendations so that new requirements and laws are enacted.

  • Finkelstein

    I describe this as a thin skinned band aid, the WTS/JWS isn't going to change over this trust me.

    Recommendations are useless from an organization that has little respect for worldly man made laws.

    As I stated previously unless there is a firm law in place that sets heavy fines to organizations that do not report instances of pedophilia within their organizations, certain religious organizations like the JWS will keep on their godly path of self regulation.

  • zeb

    The papers have many pages on this matter today and a mere little paragraph about one "elder" who was a jw but this is not mentioned. The press has the idea that only the Catholics have been the perpetrators. I hope there will be quite shakedown out of this. I hope also that the many reports to the ARC by phone alerting them to the twisting and turnings of Elders responses will be earmarked for govt to deal with.

    It is beholden on all of us to keep this matter close to our hearts and if and when the legislators move to create laws that are missing the mark then jump on the phone or do a email petition to the relevant people.

    The states are moving on this but with Christmas and new years in the way any law changing or funds etc will have to wait until 2018. We have come a long way. Thanks to former PM Julia Gillard for proposing the commission and Her Majesty the Queen for signing it into existence.

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