Connect the dots: Cut the baby in half

by OrphanCrow 15 Replies latest jw friends

  • steve2

    Imagine a modern-day judge coming up with this manipulative, cruel and barbaric solution. Imagine the outcry and the charge of what "critical" times we live in that a judge would even suggest such a thing!

    Funny how people see nothing wrong with it when it is recorded in Scripture - and even use it as an illustration for children. Bizarre.

  • AudeSapere

    Just another specific example of why the JW organization is dangerous for children.

  • Vidiot
    days of future passed - "First the wife of lot as a pillar of salt, and now 'whack' the kid."

    I always thought this was a fucked-up story, too.

    Par for the course for a book written when human life didn't really have the kind of intrinsic value it does now, I guess.

  • jwleaks

    Child abuse.

  • sparrowdown

    Ye olde DNA test.

  • humbled

    Telling these stories to children as though they were normal histories of faith in God prepares them for abuse and mind manipulation. Normalizing extreme and murderous behavior to illustrate God’s “good” qualities and God‘s “wisdom” grooms children for vicious judgement and behavior-/both to receive it and to dole it out.

    As time passes l forgive myself for my behavior, my gullibility. The indoctrination was deep and terrible—and it is in so many churches, so many religions.My Book of Bible Stories is s god porn—really extreme and sick. By the time l recognized how twisted this stuff was l had been a JW over 20 years. The killing and sadistic stories just didn’t work for me.

    If there was a Jesus, l believe he had trouble with this shit too. Carpenters are generally free thinkers.

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